Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stina's pea soup

When I was a very young girl, my mother always gave me peas in a glass which I usually walked around with and nibbled on. And even today peas in all forms are one of my favorite vegetables.
I eat them raw, frozen, heated with a big scoop of butter and salt. I eat them as accompaniment to food or use them purely as decoration. Frankly, I just love them and I think they are one of nature's very lovely profounds.

I came up with this pea soup many years ago. It is the simplest ever and tastes delicious. And it is ridiculously simple to make and even those who don't have any kind of kitchen skills are able to manage this easy-peasy soup.
Start with a bag of frozen peas. Let's make this recipe for 4 persons so I would say 500gr of peas and two normal sizes of onion. Chop the onion and fry it in a pot with oil.
When the onion has that marvelous golden colour and turns softer, add some cream, let's say about 6dl and pour all the frozen peas into the pot and let them thaw in the pot. Add one chicken or vegetable broth and stir it gently. Let it boil for three minutes and take it off the heat and let it cool down just a tiny bit.
Then take a mixer and blend it to a very smooth texture. Add some white pepper, but only a very small amount.
Warm the soup again and make sure no small pieces of unmixed peas are left. Taste it. Do you need some more cream for the texture or is it fine? Maybe some more broth or pepper? Let your taste buds guide you.
Take a well made parmesan cheese and cut it into small leafs. Poor the soup into beautiful soup plates and sprinkle some nice parmesan on the top. Serve immediately.
It truly is the best starter and it takes no time to make at all and if you love peas, you're certainly will fall in love with this tasty soup that makes a perfect match for a three course dinner.

Bon appétit!


  1. What a delight!
    It looks and sounds delish.
    And easy!
    I was wondering if I can use something else instead of the cream. Or at least not as much - maybe 50/50 with something else?

  2. haha oh that's so funny I did the same! and still do, I love eating frozen peas! My friends call me a bit crazy for doing so but they are just SO TASTY! The pea soup looks really delicious too :)

    Hope all is well

    xx Seph

  3. Tack för tipset! Jag har fått nysmak för soppor på sista tiden men behöver verkligen bra recept att prova.

  4. now i'm hungry. I'm definitely going to try it. :)

  5. What a great recipe, I love the color!

  6. It looks delicious but quality of photos are great,

  7. Hi Stina,
    You are extremly skilled with the camera. The one with the close up on the orange was brilliant:)))/James

  8. Safira: You ca use Matlagningsgrädde, or If you are not from Sweden, some kind of lighter form of cream. Absolut.

    Everyone: Nice that you liked both the photos and the soup!

  9. Tack så mycket för receptet! Lagade soppan häromdagen och herregud så underbart god den var! Den kommer jag absolut göra fler gånger.

  10. gjorde också soppan för några dar sen. supergod, så tack for "the inspiration" :-)

  11. Trots att det var längesedan du postade det här inlägget har det hängt sig kvar i huvudet, tack vare de fantastiska fotona. Sökte upp det idag och testade. Jag älskar också ärter men har dock aldrig gillat ärtsoppa. Men den här var ju helt extraordinärt god, god nog att serveras på restaurang! MUMS! Tack rara du för tipset.