Friday, November 18, 2011

Yesterday ...

I was wearing this. 
I have a crush for all shades of blue. 
Just like I loved the blue shades in the romantic trip we did 
to the beautiful islands outside Italy last year. 
Follow me here if you want to take another trip with me, 
walking down the memory lane for a while
and enjoy two pages of photos and text,
filled with passion for life, food, photography, love, nature and people.

Have a wonderful Friday!

(coat: Burberry, dark blue gloves: Cos, shawl: Louis Vuitton & dark blue bag: Fendi)


  1. Very nice picture and outfit!!! I love Burberry coats and now I´d like to buy a LV monogram shawl. But I have heard that they shall be quite damageable. Do you agree?
    Have a wonderful weekend. Greetings from Germany :-)

  2. I bought the LV shawl in brown with gold LV discrete, but so nice. I love it. For my Peak-a-Boo I wear it opened one side (but less fullfil than yours it's true)... I try to watch you walking in the town with the 2 pages that you said but I cannot find the way. Too bad!

  3. Love your outfit, you look so chic! Love the gorgeous Fendi bag! I need a new classic everyday bag, and actually I don't have anything from Fendi yet, so Peekaboo is an option. I see there's not too much hardware on it, but do you find it heavy to carry?

    I have the LV Mono shawl in fuchsia, denim blue and black. Is yours the denim version, or another blue from LV's collection? Since it almost looks like lilac-blue in the photo :)


  4. I am totally in love. Perfect outfit. love jenni xxx

  5. For the Peek a Boo bag I agree with the comment Anonymous it's very heavy when fullfilled but so chic and elegant.

  6. Snygg outfit! Jag är lite nyfiken på hur ni har inrett i nya våningen. Om du inte tycker att det är för privat vore det roligt med några bilder!

  7. Beatrice: I have 4 of these LV shawls and I haven't seen any traces yet. But I take good care of all of my things so I can't really tell if they damage easily or not. But the fabric is thin that is for sure. Have a great weekend!

    Uta: Just click on the light grey links! And when you've finished one page there is written "OLDER POST" - click on that one and it will take oyu to page nr two.
    The shawl with gold that you have a girldfriend of mine have, very nice and chic!

    L: Hm ... well ... The peek-a-boo is a little bit heavy maybe, but in the same time my Birkin and my big Alma from LV is also quite heave. I have a larger model on the peek-a-boo, there is smaller ones that might fit you better.
    It is not the denom one, it is more blue and less purple in reality. This is by all times my favorte colour amoing the rest I have (beige, light grey, dark grey).

    Chanel ...: Thank you dear!

    Anonym: Vi får se. Brukar bara visa små glimtar. Det är ju trots allt mitt hem. Ha en fin helg!

  8. Lika inspirerande som vanligt! Ger mig alltid inspiration bade vad det galler stil, smak och livsstil.

    Stina, jag funderar pa att kopa en lite dyrare klocka ... Men ar ganska radvill vilka som haller bra kvalite' samt haller lange. Vilka klockor tycker du ar vackra, unika och haller lange? Garna lite business look. Skulle uppskatta tips!

    Ha en underbar helg!

  9. Anonym: Jag själv har Cartier och Rolex men nästa klocka kommer nog bli en Jaeger LeCoultre.
    Cariters modeller Tank och Santos är mina favoriter, för Rolex föredrar jag alltid herrur, min är i vitt guld och det är stiligt och snyggt. Hos Jeager LeCoultre tycker jag om Reverso modellerna. Alla dessa klockor håller för resten av livet om du tar hand om dem.

  10. Tack! Ska kolla in dem nar jag far tid.