Thursday, December 15, 2011


Just enjoying this morning to the fullest with a breakfast out of the ordinary. So many exicting things are to come next year. It feels like 2012 can be the year where a lot of wonderful opportunities come to reality.
Always remember that whatever you can picture in front of you, feel in your heart and trust in a way it already feels fulfilled - will one day come true. It all starts in your mind and in the way you can rely on yourself and how aware you live your life. Positive thoughts about yourself and others, about your future and whatever you wish for, attract positive things for you and negative thoughts attract everything in the negative aspects of life. In exactly everything you do. To the smallest little act or detail.
So whatever you have in your life that you don't like, very often you have to blame yourself and your lack of knowledge about how to control your life. And everything you have in your life that you love and feel grateful for is a result of your own behaviour, consciously or unconsciously. Believe in it or not, it really doesn't matter because it will work like this anyhow. Either way you just choose to ignore the tools you are given or you don't. No one can be in charge except for you and only you. And no one can be blamed for about where ever you decide to direct your own life/future/wishes. That's both the good and the hard part about this kind of truth.

Would you like to read more about this life thrilling knowledge? Take a look HERE and read. Three full pages that deal with this subject inside-out.


  1. Läste The Secret första gången för något år sedan. Hade hört talas om den tidigare, men tyvärr (och då menar jag verkligen tyvärr) avfärdat den som "mumbo jumbo". Idag försöker jag applicera tankesättet i praktiken så gott det går, men man kan inte bli påmind nog ofta! God jul Stina!

  2. Do you honestly think that everything that we dislike about our lives is to be blamed on ourselves?

    Do you blame yourself for your migraine? As my baby slept 8 hours straight when she was only 5-6 weeks old, was I better at thinking positively about my baby's sleep than you? Is it your fault that your baby does not sleep as well as others? Do you blame yourself for that? I really don't think it is your fault. (I'm taking the example of your migraine and your baby's sleep as these are two things you've openly described as difficult for you on your blog)

    I don't think "positive thinking" actually matters in these cases at all. And it does not cure cancer, it does not solve the global financial crisis, it does not prevent unemployment nor does it save the environment. Actually, just "positive thinking" about these issues might make it worse.

    The secret is the absolute most nonsense thing I've ever come across. I would really recommend you to read the book "Smile or Die" by Barbara Ehrenreich. It gives another perspective on "positive thinking" and exposes these charlatan methods.

  3. Tack!
    Det är bra att påminnas om detta dagligen för att hamna i balans. Man trillar ju så lätt dit ibland och behöver en vägledare eller något som rättar till ''misstaget''. För misstag gör jag ju, gör vi och det är oftast dem som också kan ge en mest.

    Nu har jag släppt ganska många människor. Och slutat ge och ge. Måste få lov och säga hur befriande det är. Att slippa känna att man ska vara med i allt, uppmuntra dem och ge dem min energi som jag själv behöver. Att inte vara den som hela tiden känns som en ''toffel'' känns så skönt. Jag är jätteförsiktig numera med vem jag släpper in och inte vem som helst får komma in utan kemin måste finns där samt att de ger energi lika mycket som jag försöker göra. Ömsesidig respekt. Det är så skönt och bara släppa människor, inse att man inte behöver förlita sig på någon för att förstå att man är sin egna bästa vän och stark i sig själv. Nu fokuserar jag på mitt eget välmående och min familj, känner ingen press för jag vet att om jag vill ha det kommer det. Nu är jag nöjd.

  4. Tack för detta inlägg, har väntat på att du skriver om detta igen.
    Också nyfiken vad du tycker om 'Kraften'?

    Otaliga gånger har jag fått erfara hur det funkar. Vilken trygghet det ger.

  5. Ska bli spännande att följa dig på vägen mot dina mål!

  6. It is amazing how everytime I feel sad, hopeless and want to give up, there is always an inspirational post like this on your blog. This is exacly what I asked for yesterday...

    Thank you, Stina.

  7. The secret - en fantastisk inspirerende bok !MÅ LESES, helt klart ;)

    God helg !

  8. Vilken fin servis! Var kommer den ifrån och vad heter den?


  9. Also discovered the law of Attraction for some years ago. For me it's working fine too:)

  10. Beautiful thoughts, Stina. I agree with you, life is what YOU make of it.

    What an amazing breakfast set by the way. Have a great weekend!

    xo from Finland,

  11. Tack för dina kloka ord Stina!

  12. Karin: I have written about this subject before If you care to read.

    The answers is: Yes i think my migraine is very much my own fault and Yes whenever I complain or are worried about Alexis sleep it tends to be worse because of me putting more energy to it. Now, at time beeing, I decided to be sure that he will sleep perfectly and since I wrote the post about his sleep and change my thoughts - he actually sleeps perfect again because of the fact that I can picture him doing that without doubts.

    Same with war, polictial injustice etc. I think they exist and continue to do so very much because we put so God damn much thoughs, worries, energy, people, resources etc into it. I've stoped looking at the televisions news every day because it is something I believe is negative and something you should be aware of, read about but the every day missery that are shown 24/7 will only increase the situations with the fact that we put more energy to it, we get more scared, worried and those feelings is putting the whole society/world in unbalance.

    The more we are worried, feel hate and negative feeling about where the world is heading, the less money will be put into the right things in this world, things that leads to a positive solution instead of stagnation.

    So read here if you are interested:

    Emma: Rörstrand

    Everuone: Thanks for sharing

  13. Karin: The last link happend to be put a bit further down but there is thrre of them.