Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I know that I have a very generous man who spoils me with wonderful gifts from time to time when there is something to be celebrated. I'm also aware of the fact that I have this superficial side of me who just happpens to have a special craving for things that start with "Cha ..." and end with "... nel" and that start with "Her ..." and end with "... mès" (it can go on and on and on if you like) but somehow I just know that whatever I will get this Christmas can never be compared to the breathtaking gift he gave me when this little cutie came into our lives.

But still, I'm v e r y curious about what all of those wrapped Christmas gifts under the tree contain ...


  1. This is a really wonderful picture. You and your son.. He makes u happy I can see it <3
    love from germany xxx

  2. Vilken underbar bild! Känns som om du och din son har ett starkt band. Som om ni redan känner varandra, levt flera liv tillsammans och har den där ömsesidiga förståelsen hur båda fungerar och varför- utantill.

  3. Hey Stina
    I've just discovered your blog
    and I really love everything!
    This photo is so cute !

  4. My dear Stina, I have not the happiness to keep a little cutie in my arms but like yourself the CHA.. anf the H... are my prefered letters. Because even dressed by Zara or H&M with beautiful accessories it gives the style if we know how to mix and wear them, XXX

  5. I agree, I love things starting with Cha or H or whatsoever but this shows again that the best things in life come for free and you can't pay for them with all the money in the world.

    Merry Christmas from London,

  6. Chanel: You have no idea ...It is the purest form of happiness!

    anonym: Det har vi! Väldigt starkt band.

    Cacanito: Welcome!

    Uta: Happiness can be found in many different sources Uta. And the mix of high end brands and the more ordinary, is what makes the perfect mix indead.

    OMG: Well spoken!