Thursday, December 1, 2011

My little amigo

Lovely life. I have the most joyful days with this handsome little fellow. For nothing on earth could I ever have believe what an amazing little amigo he would be. He is truly fun company to have around and at least twenty times per day we laugh so much that we're gasping for breath. He loves when I make funny faces or noises for that sake and he widens those addictive sparkling big blue eyes that end up in the cutest of smiles when I am hunting him up to the neck and covering him with thousands of kisses there. His curiosity is so captivating and he wants to touch everything and demands me to tell him all about whatever I am doing.
I bring him everywhere now and he serves as the best stand in for M. It really realised this the other day when I brought him on a fashion cocktail in the afternoon. Even though we did not stay for long and we arrived early, it was truly a pleasure to have him sitting on my hip and attending that kind of "grown up" event with him.
But home is always the cosiest place where we have those very special intimate moments, just him and me. Home would not have that special feeling to it if we wouldn't spend some time outside in the real world also.


  1. I love your blog! Thanks for sharing your life and thoughts about motherhood. You sound like a very dedicated mom, your lovely Alexis is lucky to have you as a mother!

    Med vänlig hälsning,

    Rouva M (a mother-to-be)

  2. What a charming mother-son couple! <3
    (And I like your new fur vest)

  3. Visst är det härligt att kunna ta med sig våra små på saker vi gillar. När du har med honom på coctail hur har du honom då? På armen, i vagn, bärsele etc ? Spännande att höra !

  4. Verkligen ett härligt inlägg, så fina ni e... njut av dagen Stina och ALexis...

  5. That first picture is so lovely, it looks like the two of you have so much fun :) I know many new-mums who just stay at home with their little ones but I love the fact that you go out with him and do all sorts of things. It's not that a baby forces you to stay at home and sit around in jogging pants all day. I really like your attitude! :)


  6. Åh på första bilden - med sin lilla mössa och det goa smilet är han så underbart, underbart söt! Glimten i ögonen säger allt.;-)

  7. These pictures are full of pride, love, luck, warmth .. they are beautiful and more than any other luxury can bring to you!

    Best wishes to you and your little family from Copenhagen,

  8. Stina, den första bilden pá er tvá är ju FÖR UNDERBAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. rouva: I truly love it!

    Beatrice: I like it too! Thank you!

    Sandra: Jag tog med vagnen och bar honom sedan i famnen. Mest för att jag var lite uppklädd själv och vill då inte ha selen på. Sedan tycker jag det är mysigast med honom i famnen så vi kan "prata" och jag kan visa honom världen.

    OMG: I want to show him the world and my world. It is a pleasure having him with me!

    Everyone: Thank you all!

  10. Hei Stina,

    Jeg har skrevet et lite brev som jeg gjerne ville sendt deg på mail, men finner dessverre ingen adresse å sende til. Kan du hjelpe meg med det?

    Varmt hilsen

  11. Herlig bilder, særlig det helt til venstre ;)

    God helg !

  12. Vilken storlek har du på Alexis mössa? På deras hemsida hade dom endast strl 12 mån, och min son är jämnngammal med Alexis så det kändes lite stort.
    Tack på förhand!