Friday, December 16, 2011

White as the snowflake

I just can't believe it. I know I am repeating myself but it's seven days to Christmas (we, as one of the only countries in the world, celebrate the 24th) and I still walk around in the city with my wool coats, leather jackets (with a thicker sweater underneath) and no hat or anything. It's really wonderful with this kind of mild weather for a change at this time of year, but now I do think it's time for that beautiful snow to fall. How else will father Christmas and his reindeers be able to visit all the children with their Christmas gifts? I still haven't figured that one out so please Mother nature, make the snow fall now.

(leather jacket: Dolce & Gabbana, very old dress, belt: Dolce & Gabbana, suede boots: Top Shop & bag: Louis Vuitton)


  1. In Germany we celebrate at the 24th too! Have a wonderful Christmas with your little one :)


  2. In France also we celebrate the 24th and also in Switzerland.

  3. Stämmer bra att vi firar den 24:e här i Tyskland också. Himla fin outfit! Man borde bära mer vitt på vintern.

  4. Jag tänker på Coldplays textrad dessa dagar då jag inte har någon julkänsla alls; "stil waiting for the snow to fall, it doesn´t really feel like christmas at all...".

  5. I love your outfit photos but also enjoy your gourmet and food photos very much :) Could you please post something about Swedish Christmas food, about the must-haves and maybe add some of your favourite recipes? Since I'd also like to cook some traditional Swedish food this year, instead of the ordinary Finnish/Russian food we always have at the Christmas dinner.


  6. Du är en aldrig sinande källa av inspiration när det kommer till kläder och mode!
    Även om jag inte på långa vägar har din budget när det gäller shopping (är knapert att vara student.) Sen får jag alltid positiv energi när jag besöker din blogg! :-) Tack fina Stina, fin inifrån och ut!

  7. Everyone: So there seems to be much more of the same celebration date then I expected then! Funny!

    L: I will try to.

    Hanna: Tack för att du läser!