Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bags, bags, bags

Home again from this trip and I am working with the first fashion article for the new magazine "Fine Decor" that was launched last month. I am now working as an fashion editor for the magazine and will obviously do my best to give you some interesting, inspiring articles, tryouts and also suggestions about how to combine things and what to buy for long term instead of for the season. I will also write a little bit about fashion history because it is important to understand how something is made and what gives that extremely high price tag in some of the things women/men have cravings for.
For a couple of days now. I've been thinking and throwing ideas back and forth about what to write for the next issue. Today, the apple finally fell from the tree, I will write an article about almost all the iconic bags from 1995 until now and fill it in with my own bag-journey which includes most of them through that period. Would that be something of interest maybe? I certainly hope so! See you with that story in a couple of weeks then.

And please give me interesting ideas for other articles or other fashion subjects you would like me to write and about!


  1. How exciting! I certainly look forward to reading your articles and seeing your work in the magazine.

    But i must ask, why iconic bags since 1995? If you are choosing such a broad scope as all bags, why not also lengthen the period that you are reviewing then? Then Chanel 2.55 was after all iconic well before 1995. I sure you know it was first made already in February 1955?

  2. Caroline: Yes of course I know that, february (2), 1955 (55). But it wasn't until the 20th century it really had its comeback from being a classic bag mostly worn by the older generation (my grandmother for example) to be something even women/girls in younger age wanted and bought. You'll see when the article is ready!

  3. Fantastisk, Stina!
    Jeg gleder meg til å lese artiklene dine som kommer, og skal gjøre mitt beste for å få tak i et nummer av "Fine Decor" også her i Norge. Så ut om en flott ferie dere hadde i Marocco, og dine bilder er magiske som vanlig! Du er en stor inspirasjonskilde for meg i hverdagen, og jeg takker for det!

    Vennlig hilsen Trine Lise, Oslo
    ...en annen sykepleier...

  4. Så spännande! Ser fram emot att läsa artiklarna!
    Trevlig helg när den anländer!