Saturday, January 28, 2012


This is the seventh dinner in a row we're hosting in a short time and slowly we learn how to settle a three course menu with a small koala baby on my hip, not letting me work on my own for a single second. It's hard and demands another level of planning to make it happen, but everything is in the learning.
But it's so goddamn sexy having a man with cooking skills! Not to mention how convenient it is! Nowadays, I normally am the one taking care of Alexis, setting the table and decorating it with flowers and the correct porcelain while M is in charge for the food at most.
Last night was wonderful. Beautiful human beings with both flattering insides and outsides, interesting conversations, love and food; the perfect combination for a successful evening. We had a two kilos of entrecote from Köttbaren that M prepared for four hours slowly and at low temperature in the oven and like always the meat from this great place literally melts in the mouth.
And today I have a severe headache... the cocktails are to blame. But that is usually a good sign when you think about it, because a lot of cocktails goes along with a lot of fun in my world!

I can't wait for next weekend when we're having these two stunning chicks coming over with their husband/boyfriend.  I am expecting nothing else than another super-duper fun evening in their company!

So long!


  1. Jag är också blessed med en man som ägde 4 gånger så fler kokböcker än mig när vi träffades- good sign! Varje gång jag är ute och reser tar jag med mig en kok bok åt honom och han älskar det! Jag ville skriva till dig och tipsa om en fantastisk skiva. Artisten heter Ane Brun och hennes album It all starts with one. Ta hand om varandra, tack för en inspirende varm kärleks full blogg. KR Kick

  2. That looks really delicious!!!! What is your favourite cocktail?

  3. I did'not know that we can cook a large heavy beef entrecôte at low temperateure for hours, like I do for the
    roasts. I'll try very soon! when jet lag finished !! It looks more than delicious. Somptuous.

  4. Ser hur gott ut som helst och det blir gott när det tillagas så, härligt!

  5. Yummy! Looks really really good! Any chance to get the recipe?

  6. Ljuvligt!
    Vore kul att se fler foton från era middagar. Dukning, de övriga rätterna osv.
    Hälsningar Karin

  7. sounds exhausting to still have to take care of the baby when your boyfriend finally is in the same country. I think he should take the baby and cook, so you can have some peace and quiet. If he only puts in a lot of planning and organizing, it shouldn't be too difficult, and you can just enjoy your weekends as a break from the exhausting task of being a single mother during the weeks.