Tuesday, January 10, 2012

It's possible

Sometimes it feels like we've proved that everything is possible with a kid during this trip. Whatever I thought would be hard or even impossible (a road-trip and late night restaurant visits), has proved to be achievable if you organise and plan it well. And of course, you need to realise from the beginning that it is going to be different from when you were a couple without a baby. But I love the fact that we've been able to do all we have on this trip, with bravery if I may.
Alexis has still been kept on his routines like always, but instead of sleeping the first period of the night in his bed for example, we gently carried him to his pram and went out to the best places when we stayed in the bigger cities. He slept like normal, even considering the quite loud environment sometimes. (And we even took him to a wonderful jazz-club/restaurant ...). My parents did the same thing with me when they took me to Morocco for the first time. I slept wherever they were, safe and calm without problems. I really like the fact that you can step out of the everyday life from time to time, even with a small one. And even though it's different in so many ways, it's absolutely manageable.

If you're going to Marrakech, these are the places you just have to visit. Le BAB for both dinner and cocktails, Le Blokk for that lovely food and jazz-music and the celebrities favorite hang-out for a whole night - Jad Mahal


  1. Vackra foton du visat från er resa, du kanske har skrivit det redan men jag undrar lite över klimatet denna tid. Är det som skönt vårklimat eller försommar i Sverige fast starkare sol förstås?

  2. Lovely! My baby doesn´t sleep well in the restaurants or dinner parties (and oh, how we´ve tried to make it work). Consider yourself lucky and enjoy :) Great pictures, as always!

  3. Because of serveral reasons but certainly not infertility I only have one child and looking back (he is 8 years now) my lifestyle with a baby was to busy. If I could turn back time, I would have emphasised much more on cooconing instead of doing "normal" activities with or without a baby.
    For example I remember scenes of myself sitting locked in public restrooms with a milkpump...while strangers knocked on my door to ask what is taking so long inside...
    Of course it all depends on how many babies a person will have, but with one child it is a supershort period of a less active lifestyle.
    The reasons I changesd my mind: it was stressful, maybe more stressful than I realized at that time and totally unnecessairy (and sometimes even stressful)for a baby. I took my son to restaurants as a baby, at that time smoking in restaurants was still allowed...not nice!
    I don´t mean to criticise you, it is just my two cents...


  4. Dere er nok heldig også - men en snill liten prins, har hørt fra andre som ikke får det til, men selvsagt....hva vet jeg (har ikke barn selv) kan hende det har noe med faste rutiner å gjøre, som du skriver dere får gjort :)
    Jeg ville tro det var viktig, så er det ikke så forskjell for han hvor han sover...hehe

    Så deilig, Stina - nyyyyt og kos dere !!

  5. ufff, alexis has become so huge! time is flying...

  6. Underbara bilder och alltid kul att läsa din fina blogg :)

  7. Monica: Nej dessvärre inte. Jag tyckte det var alldeles för kallt för min smak. Ibland gick det upp till 20 grader på dagen men på kvällen kunde det bli -2. Fy!

    polly: Thank you and I do agree with everything you mention. With that said, being at home, cooconing is what I do 98 percent of the day so I really feel like I am taking care of this short time. This was a trip and not everyday life. Thank you for the input!

    Everyone: Merci!