Monday, January 9, 2012

Yves Saint Laurent - Jardin Majorelle Garden

Who would have thought that we would run into Yves Saint Laurent's summer house in Marrakech and also be able to walk in his exotic garden called the Jardin Majorelle. Since he passed away in 2008, his personal garden and house have been open to the public. The purpose was to safeguard the historical, ecological and the cultural heritage of the garden when he bought it and to remain faithful to the mind of the original creator, Jacques Majorelle. Yves Saint Laurent's real love with the exotic plants made the collection grow richer by adding several rare species. Botanical curiosities have been imported from 5 continents and there is today about 300 species in the garden. I was honestly not that impressed by the garden itself (but M loved it!), but it gave you a harmonious feeling walking around in the presence of his hidden passion. For me, the originality came with his house, the many different water fountains and the very colorful details of ceramic placed around the garden.


  1. Vackra färger, fina bilder. Det är härligt att få drömma sig bort en stund!

  2. beautiful pictures, but a little baby doesn't need a trip to Morocco...

  3. Sara: Ja eller hur! Som ditt Korsika!

    Anonym: No, the baby doesn't need it but we are parents who travel and will always do. It's all about adapting.

  4. Så morsomt å komme over denne hagen!
    Flotte bilder her....ser ikke ut som det er så varmt der nå? eller...

    God tur videre !

  5. Otroligt vackert, det får mig att längta bort till sol och värme..

    But seriously, are you matchy-matchy with your baby/the baby blanket/pram. You're such a fab's crazy! ;) I need to look at your pics when/if I become a get me som inspiration.. underbart :)

  6. Marocko är magiskt! :)

    Undrar ifall du har tänkt att uppdatera din vintage shop snart? :)

    God Fortsättning.
    Kram N.

  7. Mary: Thank you!

    Anonym: Gud, ja, har massa på lager som ska upp måste bara få tid att fota av och lägga upp!