Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just det!

Just det! We're going to our other condo this weekend, the one we have in Zürich and this time Alexis and I will spend two weeks over there. M is working during daytime and there is a wedding in the mountains to attend to, but nevertheless, this means a LOT of time alone with Alexis as only company in a city that is practically very empty for me. I have no own friends in Zürich and well, let's just say it gets pretty lonely sometimes. So therefore I will take this opportunity to do something I've never done before.
I know I have at least 300 readers per day from Switzerland, I have no idea if you Swiss readers are located in Zürich and if you are free during daytime ..? But I just wonder if any of you would be interested in grabbing a coffee or taking a walk with me when I am coming? I don't care if you have children or not, it would just be a great way of spending some nice time together.
So, if you don't think that I am totally weird posting a friendship ad on my blog, please email me with a little presentation at stina_auer@live.se and hopefully we can meet up!


  1. Annars kan jag följa med som sällskaps dam :) Jag är otroligt bra på att handla och fika! hihihi!

    ha en underbar resa!

  2. This is so cute, and not weird at all!

  3. I think it is a really nice idea to get to know some people in Zürich and maybe find some wonderful new friends!

  4. :-)It's not weird at all. Actually I did a version of this kind of meeting. A blogger who lives in Morocco -she has an ıranian mother and french father - was in İstanbul for some little visit and shopping from grandbazaar for her boutique hotel in Morocco a time ago- maybe 3 years ,I'm not sure - .We mailed each other just a few times before and when she was in İstanbul she texted me a message to my mobilephone .Then we met with her and 2 of her friends in a nice hotel's caffee.It was very fun and nice experience.So I deffinately like this idea but unfortinatelly I'm not in Zurich.
    Best wishes

  5. Jag håller med, detta är sött inte alls konstigt! Jag som har tänkt flera gånger att jag skulle vilja träffa DIG, men inte frågat för att det skulle kunna låta konstigt. Ända sedan du dels hjälpte mig genom min halsmandeloperation och dels gav mig nytt hopp efter ett långt krashat förhållande och separation med att visa hur lyckligt det kan bli till slut, är jag dig evigt tacksam. Lägg till att vi har/har haft Kabbalahgrejen gemensamt och jag känner att en kaffe med dig skulle vara ytterst givande! :) Du är en sann inspiration. Hoppas någon gullig läsare i Schweiz (min mormors hemland!) nappar! Kram!

  6. Oh Stina you are the sweetest! If only I lived in Zurich or even in Switzerland!

    I don't think this is weird at all - rather understandable - you have the nicest and most normal readers. I don't see this as an embarrasing friend add, more like a chance to get to know some of your readers while you have the opportunity.

    I hope there will be someone who shares same interests and toughts and have pretty much the same situation in life.

    Have a pleasant rendez-vous :)

  7. Hej Stina.

    Är tyvärr inte i Zurich, men i Geneve, och är mammaledig med min lilla dotter på 4 månader. Om du har vägarna förbi, så säg till!

    1. Hej, jag kommer vara mycket i Geneve fram mot våren och sommaren! Gärna då!

      Varm hälsning,

  8. Hei!
    Det kan være svært vanskelig å bli kjent med folk på et nytt sted!
    Fant denne nettsiden, og tenkte at det kan jo være noe for dere to;
    (Barngrupper svenska kyrkan Zurich)
    - Der kan du jo i allefall treffe litt andre svensker med barn!
    Lykke til!
    Hilsen k-a

  9. I wished I were an inhabitant of Zurich... ;-)))) I´ll keep my fingers crossed that you will find new friends in Switzerland very soon. Have a good time!

  10. Unfortunately I do not leave in Zurich it would have been a great pleasure to meet you there Stina.

  11. Everyone: I mean, you guys are just the sweetest, funniest, warmest and coolest. Thank you for all the kind words. This took some time for me to do, decide to post something like this, so thank you for the encouragement!

    So far I've got TWO ladies I will meet up, very exiting!


  12. I really really would have talked to you, /we have about the same ideas of a lot of things in the life, fashion, photos, family, men, travels, well a lot in common. Pity. May be another time.

  13. Vilket trevligt (och modigt) initiativ!
    Hoppas att du hittar någon att hänga med.

    Kram M