Monday, January 9, 2012

Raw nature

Sometimes, being in this kind of pure nature is exactly what the human soul needs. It is easy to feel small in a positive and spiritual way, when you have the nature's greatness around you.
This magnificent waterfall is about 110m high and lays in the Azilal area. A bit further away, we found this forest where Alexis, M and I went on a chimpanzee track with very little success at the beginning but after a while they were everywhere: small babies and other tribe members that played in the middle of nowhere. Very, very cute.


  1. Wonderful pictures! And the photo in front of the waterfalls with a wondering Alexis is so cute.
    Happy New Year for you and your family :-)

  2. Fantastiskt vackert!
    Er resa verkar vara otrolig!


  3. the pictures are excellent! breathtaking landscapes.

  4. Love your pictures Stina, hope you're enjoying your trip!