Thursday, January 12, 2012


Another wonderful little secret hideaway we stayed at is in this typical and luxurious little riad with a lot of charm called L'Alcazar. A riad is a traditional palace or morrocan house with its typical garden or open space in the middle which is a very important reference for the architectural planning, especially because of the islamic way of thinking with women. There had to be a private place for them and this courtyard area made the living more suitable in all ways for families and they could live their lives on their own, also according to the hijab, which stands for the principles of morality, modesty and privacy for women. It was also a must for the weather to have this open space in the middle, very often wide open to the sky with the rooms placed around the center and without windows facing outside. The typical attribute to define the middle point is a small fountain, which this place also had (with a morrocan hammam below).
The beauty of these buildings inspire reflections as they can almost stand for a metaphysical experience if you are not used to them. Not seldom is this small beautiful creation built with an almost too modest entrance, sometimes a joke to the eye. And then when you really come inside and realise what kind of treasure is hidden behind ... it certainly took my breath away.
This luxury riad situated in Rabat is just one of a few places like this. It has been a trend in the last couple of years to renovate and restore riads and turn them into personal and very typical morrocan hotels or restaurants and restore their former glory. I myself can't think of a better way of staying if you go to Morocco. It can't get more typical morrocan in terms of architecture and even in the scent you can smell earthy, wet and very old memories from when they were used for there main purpose in traditional morrocan families.
Even if this stunning little palace we stayed at had characteristic features and influences from fashion cities such as Paris etc, the original touch, details and feeling were preserved and very well kept throughout the tiniest areas and corners. The hotel offers in total eight personally decorated rooms/suites and we stayed in one grand suite called "Only lui", which is quite unique because it has two floor levels and lies at the top of the building with its own terrace.
So, I can highly recommend this little secret Riad if you are a perfectionist and care for all beauty in life when it comes to staying in style and exclusivity - the morrocan way.


  1. Dina poster från detta vackra land har inspirerat mig (som allt annat du skriver och visar bilder ifrån, iofs)! När jag bjöd två vänner på middag igår och vi skulle planera en resa vi ska göra i mars visade jag din blogg, och de blev jättesugna på att åka! :) Kram!

  2. Vilka fantastiska bilder du bjuder på.
    Hoppas lilla A är nöjd med sitt LIVLY plagg :-)

  3. Love your Louboutins :)


  4. Marrakech looks great! I had some prejudices before but I think I changed my mind now..:)

  5. Jenny: Ni kommer få det underbart!

    Sandra: Jadå, önskar det hade funnits flera storlekar, bomullen var makalös!