Monday, February 6, 2012

Day one

Okay Marie! I am very much looking forward to meeting you today!


  1. Så moro at det ble noen treff på deg i Zurich.
    Jeg har også vært på "Blogg-treff" når jeg har vært i Norge, og møtt super hyggelig mennesker bak bloggene ;)

    Lykke til - kos deg !!

  2. Gud vad spännande, det här med bloggträffar! jag är nästan lite avundsjuk! Ha så kul!

  3. i am reading your blog for over than one year now and i still enjoy, your posts are so often a great inspiration =)
    wish you a wonderful day in Zürich!

  4. Oh, that's sooo exciting! Hope you have a nice afternoon!

  5. You are so cute Stina never complaining always positive attitude, looking forward for everything (adapting also to all....) really more I read you more I appreciate you. The beauty, the taste, the adaptation and artist as I like. _Difficult for me to come to ZH but my heart is with you.

  6. Everyone: I wouldn't call it a blog-träff (blog-meeting) because she does not have a blog, but it is truly amazing what you can find just by the fact of simpply owning a blog!