Wednesday, February 15, 2012


We are living a small snow storm here in Seefeld which is the area in Zürich where we live. But today, it couldn't be more suitable because I have a lot of things that I need to finish on the computer that will be published in different places soon. When the weather is nice and sunny, it's noticeably harder to stay inside and use those few minutes per day when my little son gives me some spare time.

Yesterday was a very special day because I was suppose to meet the third woman in my date schedule, but her daughter unfortunately got sick and she had to cancel. But like always in my life, destiny is very often on my side and a Swiss-Philippino (who turned out to be very fashionable) woman wrote and asked for a late coffee if I was still available. Of course I accepted and we met in this cosy environment and ended up with a glass of prosecco and a lot of nice talk about Zürich, fashion, art and photography.
It really stroke me from this trip what one can explore and find when daring to go astray your everyday life. It's such a wonderful experience to meet all of these new people and getting to know Zürich city on my own this time. I really like it although it is very different from Stockholm and Sweden in many ways.

(Cake from the chocolate confiseur Vollenweider.)


  1. Ja verkligen jag håller med! Har själv funderat på det där ibland när livet tycks vara så instängt, omöjligt och det känns som ett moment 22. Men om man bara söker, är öppen och inte har så höga pretationer så kommer alltid det man vill ha. Men även att ge och vara snäll såklart så öppnas det alltid nya dörrar. Livet är en fantastisk möjlighet till de som tar den!

  2. Noe av det mest spennende ved å bo i utlandet, er jo alle "nye" mennesker man treffer og snakker med :)

    Deilig å være inne i sånt vær, lykke til med alle skrive prosjektene dine!

  3. Not everyone gets the opportunity to meet new people under circumstances like this, usually we have our crowd of family, childhood friends, colleagues etc.

    I remember when we moved out to Asia 2 years ago. It takes courage to go out and meet new people, and it is sometimes very intimidating to put yourself out there. In some ways, its almost like dating! However, I think it is really interesting to meet new people when you dont know their history or background, and neither do they about you. It makes you learn alot about yourself.

    1. If you are Anna H I know, I do remember when you reweld thet fact that you where going to Hong Kong! I thought you were the bravest of the bravest. How do you like it? Will you stay there forever or?

    2. Javisst :) Just signed up for another 2 years but we are having so much fun here so they will have to drag us out kicking and screaming. Hence why I tried to convince you to give it a chance earlier! The city is like a mix of NY, London and a little chinese (not at all like Beijing though) and it has such an international feel to it, I just love it.

      The best part of it is the people you meet when you go on an adventure like this as you know by now after meeting new friends these past days. Unless you want to be by yourself you have to find friends, something we normally take for granted back home.
      It was kind of funny when we realized that almost everyone in our group of friends here are from a different nationality, we have representatives from the UK, USA, Ireland, Australia, China, Korea, Canada, India and Holland.

      WIll you be spending more time in Zurich now or are you still considering life somewhere else?

  4. Hi Stina! It was great meeting up with you and I thoroughly enjoyed the time with you and Alexis! Take care and have a safe trip back to Stockholm.

  5. Speaking of cake...

    Sjekk ut denne bakebloggen neste gang du har en bakeperiode. Fantastisk inspirasjon! =)

  6. Jag är tysk men har själv bott i bade Stockholm och Zürich och undrar vad som du tycker är största skillnaden mellan dem tva städerna? Visst är Zürich mer "bank-influensed" och allt är lite mer chict, mer päls, mer high society men som du presenterar dig i bloggen skulle jag kunna tänka mig att det passar dig ännu bättre än Stockholm - minus att familjen och vännerna inte finns där förstas? Skulle iafl vara intressant att läsa mer om dina asikter kring bada städer.
    Tack för en interssant blogg med fina bilder.