Thursday, February 9, 2012


This is how most of the days feels like with my little son. We laugh, we kiss, we cuddle, I show him life, things, feelings, enviroments and he is the best company in the world when M is working these long hours.
But it is also very nice to meet yet another woman here today in Zürich! It feels a bit akward but also like wonderful opportunities that one not always dare to take. She and her cute little doughter Celiné was just like Marie (the woman I meet Monday), showing me around, picking up the goodies in the small little details that is interesting and useful to know. Like english bookshops, babystore, interior, nice fashion stores etc.
I also take the chance to throw like million questions to these poor women. I want to know as much as possible about their life in Zürich, how it feels to really live here, homesick feelings, friends, work and all of those things we usually take for granted when living in the city we're brought up in.


  1. This "moved picture" made me smile in the early morning - reminds me of Harry Potter ;-)) -and it shows how beautiful you are. I am happy for you that you begin to enjoy your life in Zürich and find new friends. Wish you a wonderful weekend!!

  2. Vilken UNDERBAR jacka/päls! Helt fantastisk på en snygg tjej på en rolig bild :)

    Ha en bra dag!

  3. Yes this moved picture is so nice you look so happy with Alexis. Telle me what is your "coat" for house or to go out. It's marvellous. You also make me smile thi morning. Thanks,. XXX

  4. Tomtebo & UTA: Isn't it wonderful? I love it! It is from the parisian fur/fashion-brand Yves Salomon and I wear it inside these cold evenings and will wear it as a casual coat in spring.


  5. Stina,

    den är helt fantastisk! Ha en underbar helg i kylan och förhoppningsvis i en underbar sol!


  6. Haha så söt. Ja på något sätt är det lite likt HP men kan inte sätta fingret på vad. Härligt att du kämpar på och försöker hitta allt det positiva i Zurich.