Saturday, February 4, 2012

Spicy starter

Well, yesterday's dinner was as good as it gets.
I prepared this improvised starter that turned out to be quite spicy but refreshing.

Ingredients 8 persons:

Melon with green or yellow inside, 2 avocados, 1 peeled cucumber, 2 mangoes and about 500gr of fresh shrimps

1 red chili fruit
4 limes
1 pot of fresh coriander
2 tablespoons of dried coriander seeds
salt & black pepper

Cut all the fruit and vegetables into small square pieces and put them in a big bowl. Put the chili (with the seeds), the fresh coriander, the dried coriander seeds, salt and black pepper in a mixer with the juice from 4 limes and a tiny touch of sugar. Mix it all together until it becomes a dressing. Pour into the bowl and stir it around so the juice penetrates into all the ingredients. Serve it well chilled in small cups or Martini glasses and add some fresh coriander on top and a lime bite. Voilà!


  1. Got to try this at my home, looked extremly delicius!!

  2. Hi Stina,
    I found your blog today and i like it very much. You have a wonderful, elegant style.It is a great mix of wonderful themes here. I will come back here to take a look.
    many greetings from bavaria/ germany

  3. yummie! I have to try this one too. Looks sooo good!

  4. Stina, why do not answer to the previous comments as usual ?

  5. Uta: We have been travelling and it has been a lot to do with the packing, dinner etc.

  6. Åh gud så gott det låter. Måste testa någon dag. Hoppas du har det toppen. kram Linda

  7. Hej Stina! Gjorde den här förrätten när vi hade middag för 10 pers. Den var fantastiskt god och mycket fräsch. Ung som gammal gillade den. Ett säkert koert alltså till kommande bjudningar.
    Hej från Annica