Sunday, February 19, 2012

Svenskt Tenn afternoon tea

As you might know if you read the blog regulary, I have a weak spot for high afternoon tea. Yesterday, we tried the new opening of Svenskt Tenn's tea room where they now serve this lovely arrangement of small delicacies and a wide selection of teas. I enjoyed it although the area is very small and we were lucky to find a spot on a Saturday afternoon. But I must say I do prefer Grand's, even if the price is more than double, there is nothing that beats their standard of service, the unforgettable view and the whole experience of it. It's as close as is gets to the perfection you can only find in the best english tea salons.


  1. Jättebra du tipsade, visste jag inte om alls, har varit på Grand Hotells och Diplomats, den senare var då ingen höjdare alls, men Grands, men ibland vill man ha något lite bara och då passar Svenskt Tenn som det ser ut:-).