Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The world wide web

Just when I've arrived in Gstaad last weekend and we got our little family comfortably checked in to one of the Relais and Chateaux around the world, I suddenly got two personal welcomings. Both Gstaad Palace (which is a remarkable hotel in palace-style and where I hope to stay next time!) and Pernet Comestibles, (which is one of the most exclusive food stores you can think of that serves the need for everyone with high culinary expectations in both the best ingredients and wine selection) - sent me personal messages to my blog/Twitter wishing my stay to be as pleasent as possible. How nice is that?

So thank you very much for making me feel more than welcome in this very snowy paradise!


  1. The store is excellent!

  2. Thanks for your story :)
    I used to stay in a different Wellness Hotel Gstaad. It had its own Hotel Private Spa with every kind of Wellness Treatment. Also really enjoyed the the Prado Restaurant Gstaad by Urs Gschwend. Gstaad is beautiful!! :)