Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Interview with my sister

There is a very interesting person around me. She's what I would refer to as a living chameleon and lives her life very differently to mine, yet very similarly in many ways, probably because of the simple fact that we're family. I'm talking about my little sister who is ten years younger than me. I thought more people than just her friends and I would like to get to know her fascinating way of thinking and expressing herself. So I asked her a few questions and I'll let the answers speak for themselves.

Let me introduce you to the one and only Lissie.

Hi my dear little sister, in order to get to know you, can you, with your own words, describe who you are?
That's a very complex question in need of a complex answer. I'm a 22 year old seeker. I'm always in search of the next big thing in life, whether it's a city, an adventure or a state of mind.

Why do you have a blog?
I just love the creative process. Documenting selected details of your day makes not just the day longer but more alive in some ways. I love photography, editing, combining and enjoy the process of when sometimes subtle details and words become this new creation - as in a piece of art. (See the link to her blog at the end of this post).

What is style for you and how would you describe your own style?
My realtion to style has always been like that of an artist to paint. It's a way for my imagination to run free yet I think that simplicity speaks louder than when it's overdone. I like it's elegant and nonchalant but with rich details. Style comes from within and is not just a fabric but a way of moving, thinking, feeling and even of speaking.
I would describe my own style as a mix of the french riviera in the 60s era with a touch of 70s rock & roll. Maybe as if Brigitte Bardot or Francoise Hardy had a baby with Jimi Hendrix. I'm slightly ambivalent when it comes to style. I love contrasts and won't settle with just one way to go. The result of mixing two separate styles well balanced can be sublime.

How would you describe your sister's style and what are the biggest differences between yours and hers?
I think that my sister has a timeless, very thought-through style with a requirement for good quality. I think that I play with decades in another way and maybe get more inspiration from music as for example a Led Zeppelin gig or an old Godard movie.

Who's your style icon?
Oh, thats a tricky one. My main fashion inspiration comes without a doubt from the 60-70s. To name just a few: Jane Birkin, Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull and Brigitte Bardot.

What do you dream about? And what would you like to do in the future?
I want to explore, both physically and mentally. Reach for new horizons in pursuit of balance and harmony. We all need to find our own paths in life and accept that we are all unique and different - and that's a good thing.
I have high expectations in life and my dream is not to be stuck to one place but to be able to travel in my everyday life. I've always felt that need and started to travel on my own often and intensely when I turned 17-18. I started working at a very young age and all my savings were spent in travelling. Those were some crazy days I can assure you.
I want to create a life designed for me and my way of thinking. Every day I ransack myself to develop as a person and question people's way of living and thinking. I find that so important to do so that I find exactly what I'm looking for in the end - without impacting other people or any learned pattern.
Ultimately, I just want to feel proud of myself and know that I used my own brain. That's when you die as a winner in my book.

Favorite dish?
That changes every day but my desire for spice remains the same.

Favorite beverage?
Wine, whiskey, rum ...

Favorite country & city?
Since I haven't visited every single city and country in the world (yet) this will be a non-definitive answer. I've got a lot of respect for the french mentality, country, language and culture. The main reason why I love that country is its versatility. Versatility and diversity have a great importance in my life. The same with fashion and style: I can't just settle for one way of living or dressing. One day I'm in need for something more sophisticated and the next I need something dark, decandent and smoky. The third day all I need is saltwater and waves. I think France in many way has just that. I've always had this longing for South-and central America, ecpecially Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Cuba. That's a future project.
Today I would choose Paris as a favorite city. I want to feel inspired when I wake up in the morning and that's Paris for me.

What is your most precious item in your wardrobe?
Oh my ... I've got this black and white striped vintage dress that's still waiting to be used. It would fit perfectly next to Serge Gainsbourg in the 60s. I guess that's the reason why it's still waiting.

Why do you keep changing your hair colour?
I get bored of one look easily and I've never been afraid of, for example, bleaching my own hair from black to blond within just a few days time. I think it has to do with the fact that when I feel time passing by slowly, I'm getting this need of doing something about it myself. Actually, I think I've become better with all that. Now I'll stick to dark for a long time I think. Every time I go from blond to black it feels like coming home again. I love dark hair.

What is the hardest thing about being your age and what's the best thing?
To want to do a million things but have to squeeze it all in a small small tube. Not knowing if being rational is the way to go or rather to follow the wind. There's so many questions and decisions that need an answer at a very young age which of course is very stressful and suffocating for the soul. I believe there's a time for everything. To be able to move from one phase in life to another, that time has to be completed with a lot of passion and devotion.
The best feeling is that I have my hole life ahead of me. Now is the time where it all starts, it's an exciting thought.

To read her blog, please click yourself to this address.


  1. Very very interesting the point of view of a young woman and different than yours (at least now). but with the same point of recognition of good education. And deep existential questions.
    Who has drawed this nice portrait of Lissie?
    And two of you have a perfect Enflish ! XXX

    1. Hi Uta, yes, that's where we're very similar. We love talking about those kind of "grande" questions about life and the meaning of it. She is a very interesting person, and one can always learn something from the questions of another. Thank you!

  2. Uta, this one is for you!
    Love your comments and the fact that you and Stina seem to have so much in common. However, I am curious about who you are and would love to know a little bit about you - please?

  3. vilken fin intervju! verkar vara en härlig person,precis som du!! Länk till hennes blogg??

    Kolla gärna in mina aktioner på tradera har flera stycken inför flytt!

    1. Titta i inlägget, det finns en länk där. Annars är det:

  4. Really great blog she have, and you too of course.......

  5. One can really tell that you're sisters though your lives are quite different :)
    May I ask whether your sister is already working or still a student? I would love to know which suject your sister has chosen if the latter is right! :)

    1. Please ask her at her blog! Write her a comment and she will answer!