Friday, March 23, 2012


Someone was clearly spying on me today when I was out for a short errand. That person must have had this telephoto lens to be able to spy on me without me noticing ...

(coat: Burberry, pants: Acne, sweater: Acne, heels: Sergio Rossi, shades: Céline & bag: Chanel)


  1. How did you get the pictures ? Someone sent them to you ? Anyway, you look splendid and as usual I love your style. What a success Stina! XXX

  2. My husband was very impressed when he saw your telephoto lens in your blog some weeks ago, and he was right: The pictures are beautiful. By the way: This was exactly what I wore today, except the trousers (blue jeans) and the bag (LV) ;-) Have a very nice weekend :-)

  3. i love your outfit! that coat looks great <3

  4. Et litt dumt spørsmål kanskje, men hva gjør du med beltet på trench-coaten din når du har den oppe? ;) Jeg har klart å miste et Burberry belte, men fikk heldigvis kjøpt et nytt....

    Vennlig hilsen Karine

  5. Uta: No, M took them Uta! Thank you!

    Beatrice: You did! Well jeans works usper well to that combination also!

    Cacanito: Merci!

    Karine_ Knyter den lätt där bak.