Thursday, April 19, 2012

20.11 pm

Back in Zürich, both Alexis and I got a cold and have to take it easier than planned and stayed in until midday. But the afternoons are so captivating here, it's impossible to stay inside when the weather is nice. We live just above the lakeside and to see how the sun is changing colours behind the other side of the lake and behind the mountains, I just can't get enough of that sight.
This area where we have our condo here in Zürich is just perfect in so many ways. The view and the proximity of the water, the mindblowing houses all around us and the walking distance to the city center is just the way I love it. Beauty is everywhere.

(leather jacket: Custom made, cashmere turtle neck: Chanel, jeans: Levis & bag: Chanel)


  1. I love how you are dressed but here impossible to wear a leather jacket as yet, too cold !

  2. Switzerland is so beautiful, enjoy!

  3. Visst ar det underbart med sol efter allt regn och rusk. Stannar du i Zrh ett tag? Det vore trevligt att forsoka traffas, jag hoppas att ingen magsjuka kommer imellan den har gangen!

  4. Stunning! Känns så långt bort här hemma i Sthlm!

  5. As usual... I wear my 555 exactly like you through shoulder ! Junger. XXX