Monday, April 16, 2012

Brasserie Lipp

Dining and wining with a three course menu at one of the most dynamic, passionate and interesting places in Geneva if you want to enjoy a long lunch. The white asparagus were as perfect as can be and the service is nothing less then excellent!
If I was to be more in Geneva, this is where you'd find me!


  1. A little to much noisy and full up for me following when we go but quite regular with food
    and at least full of life! which is not the case everywhere in Geneva... Impossible to open the other addresess that you mentioned. XXX

    1. Very true Uta but that is PERFECT when you have a little one so no one gets disturbed! Blink!

  2. Is it somehow related to the Parisian Brasserie Lipp?
    Or completely different thing?