Friday, April 27, 2012

Fine Decor - International

I have great news for you all international readers who wrote to us at Fine Decor and wished the magazine would come in english so everyone can enjoy it. Well from next number it will!!!

Fine Decor is a magazine that focuses on all the classic pieces in life where we don't feel the need to talk about the greatest news in fashion, interior design, food or whatever it may be. So many wonderful magazines already do this, and in an excellent way.
We want to take the timeless taste and play with it, renew it, show how the good old classics that stand in time can work in different ways and become both interesting and enjoyble when you dare to think outside the box.
Great taste has very little to do with a crazy need for new things and a lot of last minute shopping. Great taste is to understand the beauty of materials, combinations and quality design and to realise and respect the history behind a creation, an idea. It has a lot to do with the appreciation of fabrics, decades, styles and how to innovate when it comes to translating it to something young and fascinating.
As a fashion editor for this magazine, I find pure happiness when I can play with the idea of a thing that we've easily put under a certain label and show how it can be used and re-used over and over again with a different approach. I would like tomix old classics with new ideas in this magazine and get something with international class and finish that feels like you will wear it forever and in many, many different ways!

Have a nice weekend, we're off to the countryside!


  1. Good news for us. I am looking forward.
    Sorry. I had not seen your answer about the Cartier bracelet. Of course your choice will be more fashionable but it's true that this Love Bracelet comes back very strongly here on fashionable women, mixed up with a lot of other chains with diamonds....
    Spend a good week in the countryside XXX

  2. I wanted to say good week end of course at country side ! Always in a hurry Stina ! Like you I presume.

  3. Vad kul att det går så bra !!!
    Hoppas att allt är bra med dig vännen.
    Hur hinner du med allt ??

  4. thank you stina for this wonderful present..the English version is to die for...we hart you, your way of living, loving and of course are offering us a most precious lesson of grace, beauty in all its forms, spiritual values and exquisite humanity every day...thank you again for such an inspiration..we bow to you

  5. Gud vad fint! Älskar bilden längst ner till höger, med arbetsplatsen! Superfint!