Thursday, April 19, 2012

LAKA - nail polish

A couple of weeks ago I received plenty of nail polish sent at home by this israelian brand LAKA that has taken the world by storm with their "drop by" nail salon concept and their new nail polish and nail strengthening products. I normally only use products from Chanel on my fingers, both my polish and my remover are from Chanel and I was quite sceptic to these new nail products in the beginning.
But after trying them for three weeks, I have to say they live up to their reputation. Long lasting, thick and smooth to put on so they last longer than most nail products on the market.
I love all the eye catching colours and I find the design simple and stylish, often the best recipe to captivate my attention. So, I can truly recommend this brand that stands for good quality!

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  1. Jag fick ett presentkort där när de öppnade i sthlm och var otroligt imponerad färgen som satt hur länge som helst! Rekommderar!