Friday, April 13, 2012

My darker version

And as you can see my family is finally here in this rainy Geneva. So lovely to have my dear and beautiful sister Lissie here and to show my family parts of Switzerland that wierdly has become my second home in the past two and a half years! I have much more picturess to show you but we went to the opera yesterday night and today we're off to Chamonix so no time to waste! I'll be back with that later.


  1. Åh vad spännande det ska bli att se alla vackra bilder från mitt andra hemland. Ha det underbart och trevlig helg!

  2. Jag måste bara skriva att jag tänkte på din syster när jag såg det här fotojobbet med Felicity Jones, de är galet lika ibland! Trevlig kväll. :)