Sunday, April 15, 2012

To keep us warm

As you might have noticed on all the pictures below, the weather has been as nasty here in Geneva as in many other places at the moment, including Stockholm. It's such a pity because how enjoyable is it to dress nicely, walk around in the city of Geneva or be up in the mountain villages when it's grey, cold, humid and rainy? Not very pleasant.
I know that I promised you great outfit pics and my suitecase is actually full of lovely garments, shoe ... etc but the cold air has forced me into my winter boots, jeans and coats to survive the chilly temperatures that sneak inside warmest fabrics.
So what do we do all day long to keep the spirit up? Well, we enjoy really good red wines from midday and all along the evening both at home, in wine bars/cellars, restaurants or other suitable places for that beautiful liquid that floats so perfect inside our veins and heats up even the coldest of bodies or souls!


  1. Ja, här har det snöat i dagarna två. Nu skulle det få räcka.

  2. Oh Stina horrible this weather after warm and sun..... Me also I love red wine !
    When are you coming back to Sweden ?

    1. Yes, it was such a wonderful weather in Switzerland in march, and now it is winter all again.
      We're going directly to Zürich and then back to Sweden.