Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The weather

Not even in Geneva can you rely on the weather. It has been pouring down here since yesterday evening and the forecast the coming days is really depressing when you know that my family is coming to visit and that there's a very big Easter party on Sunday. But what can we do? I guess I'll put my ballerinas away for a while ... Or if any of you readers know some special "make-the-rain-go-away" dance I will gladly take any tip or advice you have to take control of the weather!

(UPDATE 11.30am: I can see parts of a blue sky and some sun! Haaallleellluulljja!)


  1. Love your blog, you inspire in so mat ways!! pleeeeease give us some more beauty tips, your skin is just perfect! Thank you.

  2. Lovely ballerinas ! Here it's rainy also (Istanbul-Turkey) and very cold but good weather is on its way to come :)

  3. What religion are you/ your Swiss family (since you mention celebrating Easter now?)