Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Before lunch time

The other day I got this perfect figure as a visitor. For the next issue of Fine Decor, we're having an article about outfits and this lady is my model. As you can see, I'm in my bathing/morning robe which very often the case before lunch time, but I love walking around in it: it's very liberating. And having female company with a perfect body is also very intriguing. It feels nice with some company in the evenings when M's not here for almost two weeks ...
But the truth about her presence is that my time is always something I have too little of, so I need to do most of the preparation work at my place before the real photo shoot takes place. In other words, trying out all the outfits at home before we can get to the real action. It would take too much time in a photo studio, so as much possible is done here, at my place. With a little koala on the hip, I've learnt how to be as effective as possible. For some reason, he dosen't seem to think fashion is at all as interesting as I do. I wonder why?!


  1. i am really looking forward to seeing these pictures. It will be a great day. Stina who is the girl on the photo behind your coat ? She looks beautiful.

  2. Hej, Stina!

    Känns fel att fråga dig, då jag tror att du får en hel del skönhetsfrågor redan, men jag har sökt runt efter ett svar utan att direkt hitta något tillfredsställande ... Jag har ett ytligt blodkärl under ena ögat (sitter kanske 1,5 cm nedanför ögat, på den tunna huden) som jag vill ha bort, men har läst att man helst inte utför IPL nära ögonen. Är detta för nära? Går det att göra något åt mitt ytliga kärl eller är det helt kört? Vill verkligen bli av med det ...

    Skulle bli så tacksam om du svarar!



  3. Looking forward to the new issue. Really loved the last one, perfection!