Saturday, May 5, 2012

Fine Decor - Next issue

Two of the boxes contain very precious apparel from Hermès (the biggest box and the smallest) that I've got specially for the next issue of Fine Decor. They are unique collector's items, some of my personal favorites as an Fashion Editor and I will write an article about them that can be read in mid-June when the next release will be published. And it will all be both in swedish and english!
We actally had an editorial board meeting this week and the next issue is going to be amazing! Exciting interviews with international, top fashionistas, creative and intelligent entrepreneurs, interior decor lovers, at home visits in beautiful homes and lovely jewellery and much, much more.
So much work, but so much fun to be part of this magazine!

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! what good news, even it's a lot of work I am looking forward to reading you.
    Useless to tell you that I also collect all my Hermes'boxes on the top of a closet by order...... There are a lot but so nice to watch....