Monday, May 14, 2012

Soup for my darling

Last night I cooked my favorite thai soup for my man. I pretty much did it like in this recipe, but I boiled all spices, herbs and garlic with the coconut milk for 10 mins and then I filtered it all to only have the creamy soup and added the baby corn, coriander, sugar beans, mushrooms and chicken afterwards and let it boil at low heat for another 10 mins.
I always make some jasmine rice to it and add when eating. It is very, very good and immediately takes me back to a humid beach in the best parts of Thailand. And at the moment, all I want is a pearl white, not too crowded beach and to be able to sit in the sand and play with Alexis while M's preparing us both a drink!


  1. Excellent receipt hum hum and with a nice set of table with elephants,(who bring luck) I like it. Yes we gream to return to this nice country and nice people.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Sounds delish! :-)


  3. Thai mat er godt !!

    Ser du skal på tur snart,
    happy holiday ;)

  4. Stina! You are such a source of inspiration! And you are so cute with your family! Silly, but i love to have your blog to rely on for those grey, uninspiring days.

    Btw, will you ever go back to work? I need you badly.


    1. Honestly, I don't know. Not me who decides unfortunatly. It is the clinic that needs to progress in that question. Hope to see you soon though!

  5. Ok, PLEASE let us (well, me) know if you continue elsewhere, I am tired of settling for "ok" results.

    Ha det så gott! Cecilia

  6. Gillar din inspirerande blogg. Tack för alla fina foton och inspirerande läsning!!
    Har du något bra tips på bloggar att läsa?
    Inte hos 20 åringar utan mer mogna människor, med blandat mode, inredning, livstil etc.
    Kram och Lycka till!!!