Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beautiful family

Internet has totally died on us where we are at the moment. Nice in many ways to just relax and be far from any wifi addiction, but I do have some deadlines to meet. Thank God I have the small rosty italian car over here to cross between the villages and markets when needed - and also to be able to finish the work of Fine Decor in a local internet cafe, which will be released very, very soon. But part of my beautiful family has so arrived to this heavenly place on earth and it's a true pleasure to show Lissie and mum around the french area and enjoy M's parents stunning house. We eat, drink and have wonderful moments with Alexis in the pool during daytime. Now we're waiting for my father and M to come again later this week and go on wine tasting with them througout the region. Talk to you when possible! Santé!


  1. Mina flickor.....

  2. Fint att mormor och moster anlänt!
    Hoppas på många bilder av släkt och familj i dessa vackra trakter.
    Efter våra dagar i Nice är Finland kyligt med +14 grader..

  3. Fina bilder. Har mamma en ny bikini?