Monday, June 11, 2012

Colourful excitement

Goodbye Switzerland, see you in middle of July again.
And "Ciao" to one of the prettiest places on earth.
Let's have dinner together ...

(cardigan: Chanel, jeans: Zara, shades: Cèline & bag: Hermès)


  1. You look so happy to leave and I understand, so do we also very soon for this very beautiful country, the same than you..... and of course we will take some kilos more with the food! Have a splendido trip with your little family. All the best, see you soon with your so interesting pictures. XXXXXXXX

  2. P.S. I like very much the pink gilet of Chanel with white jeans and shoes-bag black. Colourful but not excessive. As usual excellent taste.

  3. You look so happy and relaxed. Bon voyage!!

  4. You look fantastic, as usual :-) best wishes from Bavaria :-)

  5. Troooop belle!!! Enkel men vacker outfit- som vanligt.

    Hälsningar från Oslo

  6. Love love love the cardi!!