Friday, June 8, 2012

Heavy weather

The weather has been more and more unreliable the last couple of days. Stormy rain one minute and just after, sunshine again. Since yesterday evening though, I don't know what happened but the sky came pouring down hasn't decided to stop yet. Thunder and lightning, all night through. Not very practical when you have a pram, and only heels and ballerinas packed.


  1. Stina buy a caoutchouch pair of boots with these news funny designs and leave them in ZH, it will always be useful ! Also I have done when I just go for shopping around or even in town it's not so uggly with our nice habdbags... But the other solution is to bu one in the horses shop in black.
    I love the style with all.

    1. Ha, ha Uta, sometimes I wonder if we're sisters! I already own a pair, from my years of riding, I usually wore them mostly when cleaning out the horse box, but nowadays I alsways use them when raining. They are in Sweden though, maybe I should get a pair to have here! The only problem is that they are quite stiff and clumsy, wouldn't you say?


  2. Yes true, it's why I prefer the normal caoutchouch ones ! >It makes a style "décallé" I dont know the word in English, with the remanining of your guarde-robe and Hermes bags.... XXX

  3. It feels very nice to enjoy in the rains .It gives a nice feeling..