Sunday, July 29, 2012

Bürgli restaurant

So these are some of the old friends on M's side and the girls in their lives that I more than often hang with when I'm not exploring the friends I've got to know myself here in Zürich. The restaurant shown, Bürgli, is absolutely something I would recommend for these wonderful summer nights. The kitchen is known for its tasty Entrecôte Café de Paris and it most certainly didn't disappoint me. I sort of drooled when it came in with those cripsy and perfectly made french fries.


  1. This harmony between all of you is really nice to watch.
    Enjoy dear Stina, it's so seldome to find real friends nowadays....
    But you deserve it.

  2. Åh vad jag äslkar Schweiz. Och att schweiziskt blod flyter i mina ådror! :)

  3. I am glad for you that you have such a great time, being together with your little family and meeting new friends. Uta is right, it is very difficult to find real friends nowadays. My best friends are the persons I met during my university years....