Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tropical heat

And so we had this amazing dinner yesterday evening. I already told you that our little beloved refused to go to sleep, but it brought a certain amount of exuberance to the whole event so in the end, I didn't mind at all. I was mostly proud of this fabulous little boy and his gracious way of interacting with everyone.
I wore my lipstick heels for the first time and combined them with my favorite top at the moment with small cats on. It was 35° that day in Zürich so I was very happily surprised when I relaised my mother had sneaked in a sun feather for me as a rescue for that tropical heat in the summer. 

(top: Zara, skirt: Michael Kors, heels: Alberto Guardini & bag: Chanel)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you dear Uta! such a lovely evening!

  2. What do you work with now when you do not alter peoples appearence in different ways, like filling them with in the long run unhealthy things in their lips etc? Living off your man?

    1. Well I'm writing in a magazine, working with different project and living on savings and other financial backups that is absolutely non of your business. But yes, I'm on mothers leave which makes M pay a lot more then I do. If that's weird in your world - then I would not like to be in whatever world you belong to. Taking care and raising a child is one of the most important things you can do as a human. I hope your parents thought so too when raising you.
      But M never pays any of my superficial needs as shoes or whatever you assuptions were based on. But he do pays much more then me now when I'm spedning all my time with our son.

      Please do not enter this blog again If you have such a minimized perspective of the life I'm living and especially when you have, apperently, less education or knowledge about Hyalurionic acid that what can be very easily find in information world wide.

  3. Hi! What an absolutely rude comment from "Anonymous" (of course!!)! But a well put response from you Stina. I would never have bothered giving a reply if it was my blog, so all credit to you. Love your outfit above with the fun shoes and playful top. Looks elegant but still cool in the warm weather. Nice to see!! Laila

  4. Oh Stina, what a jealous and uneducated comment from this anonymous who is apparently more subject to "liver crisis" for persons like you are intelligent and beautiful and with such a good taste. They just get mad because they have nothing of what you do and have. But I am obliged to answer to this horrible person. Stay with yourself and dont' borrow the others who, anyway, make what they want.

  5. måste bara lämna en kommentar och berätta att du inspirerar otroligt, dessutom ger du/din blogg mig kraft och styrka att ta mig igenom vissa dagar som är otroligt tunga då min man också är borta väldigt mycket. så ville bara säga tack.
    kram på dig.