Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fine Decor - English version

Finally it's here!

The inspiring internet magazine Fine Decor has now been released in ENGLISH for all of international readers.
Click HERE!
Please look, read, enjoy and leave us your feedback.


  1. Great i was just waiting for that. thank you Stina.

  2. Fantastic, like the French Vogue almost- Bravo and thanks

  3. Congratulations on a wonderful magazine!

  4. Lovely!!!

  5. Hej Stina, har en fråga som kanske inte hör hit, men har du kört dina Greta klänningar i maskin? det är så tröttsamt med kemtvätt :(
    Ha en bra dag!


  6. Thank you for your wonderful magazine! It was nice to read, I like simple, but elegant appearance. It was a lot of reading and to look at. The magazine can be read again and again, because at one time it would take all day! It has something for everyone. A small thing caught my attention, was more comfortable to read the questions, which was written in small letters. In capital letters-written questions may seem like "shouting" for some people. Otherwise, I liked the design very much! <3 Jenni fr Finland