Monday, July 16, 2012


Well, we can call these pictures "behind the scenes". It's not always that easy taking some form of picture of what I'm wearing, and very often the situation is something like this. The cutest thing is that Alexis has learned how to say "Mamma" and calls me whenever and wherever. I adore his little voice and hearing my own son calling me, it's beautiful!
But Zürich gave us the absolute best of weathers today and I had a wonderful lunch with the superstylish, the one and only L - so how can I complain? Thank you for the monkey food darling!

(blouse: Acne, jeans: Zara, heels: Oscar de la Renta, shades: Prada & bag: Chanel)


  1. Imagine... just imagine, sweet mommie! For about a year ago your beautiful prince where weeks away from meeting you face to fare <3 How fast time goes.. how beautiful you and your son are and how beautiful life is <3

  2. He is an adorable ,charming little boy and you both looking so sweet .
    Best wishes


  3. hello stina. first of all, your blog is amazing and super inspiring. thank you for sharing your thoughts, photos, life and style with us!! Question: how can i read your old posts tagged with "pregnancy"? i rememeber reading them over a year ago and now since i am also pregnant i would love to re-read them.

    1. Your wish is my command!

  4. thank you very much, Stina! It is lovely, inspiring and strengthening to read your thoughts & feelings on pregnancy when i am going through the same thing. best wish for your beautiful baby boys birthday!!!!! xxx