Thursday, July 12, 2012

My little family


  1. What a picture! You three look amazing. The yellow Bottega Veneta Clutch is so pretty!
    When my husband and I attend black-tie events our baby always has to stay home...have to thing about´s just too cute to have it with you. XO Antje

    1. Thank you! It's very cute in this pale yellow colour I find!
      Well, we actually ahd a babysitter from 20pm that night, else it would have been very problematic and absolutely no relaxation for me. But It's always nice to bring the children for a while I find, it sort of gives warm and lovely spirit to the party!

    2. Yes the color is very nice: fresh and summery.
      And with the babysitter...I thought so...otherwise it wouldt have been too stressful for you and your little boy. But the Idea to have him there for the first hour is really, really sweet. Will try this next time.

  2. Oh beautiful Stina! I just love that dress of yours!

  3. Flott par, og skjønn liten junior :)

    god sommer !

  4. Yes it's a beautiful picture with all of 3, so proud and joyful. Good good memories for the future. But I completely understand you not having each dinner or party Alexis in order to have intimity with M and also some places (restaurants for example) are not appropriate to have a trolley or anything besides the table (for other persons).
    But anyway, you are so well educated that there is not problems with you about this question of babys everywhere now in the palaces.

  5. You have a beautiful family !!!