Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pre fall

Trying to show a visitor your way of Stockholm turns out to be tricky. What to show is always hard to decide and especially with a one year old little boy around! It's not really the normal "let's go to art exhibitions and museums, sitting down and enjoying a drink and stop here and there".
So Mr S. has been shown the play park, realising how it's to t r y to have a sophisticated lunch with food flying around, forks being thrown and one of us walking around with Alexis instead of eating. Parents every day life, in other words. Phu ...
But yesterday we had a babysitter and went to a friend's place who is the owner of one the coolest apartments in Stockholm for Champagne and then we hit the streets like if we were just people, thirtysomething enjoying the best restaurants, bars and all of that without our beloved little son.
I feel so exhausted today. My five hours of sleep three days in a row are not exactly helping!

(coat: Marc Jacobs, trousers: Zara, top: Joseph, bag/scarf: Hermès & heels: Valentino)


  1. Happy to find you back Stina.
    Here we are dying with heat and I see your beautiful coat, is it possible ? XXX

  2. Love love love the outfit! So classic and beautiful :)

  3. Having children really changes how to do a town. I sounds like you had a god time anyway. My children are 6 and 10 so I am almost back to being able to do what I used to (minus shopping, but my husband does something fun with the kids when I do that). One thing I found was really nice with smaller children was going on those touristy sightseeing buses. Especially if you go during nap time. My oldest daughter slept her way through a three hour tour of Berlin when she was 2.

  4. Hej Stina!
    Jag hittade hit till din blogg för ca ett halvår sedan och har blivit helt fast vid den sen dess! Jag är en sådan person som ständigt söker inspiration och i din blogg tycks allt av det jag inspireras mest av finnas med! Anledningen till varför jag tycker du är så inspirerande är för att du dels har det stora intresset för shopping och mode, och jag älskar verkligen den klassiska och sofistikerade stil, men sedan att du verkar så jordnära och klok med dina visdomsord, kabbalah och attraktionslagen-inlägg. Jag har själv läst sådana böcker sedan jag var 12 och uppskattar verkligen dessa kloka och tankeställande ord mellan varven av mode och skönhet. Men min stora fråga är nu varifrån du fått DIN inspiration med mode, det andliga och värderingar som format den du är idag? Jag är så nyfiken! Sen vore det jätteroligt med lite boktips eller om du skulle vilja göra ett inlägg om det någon gång i framtiden :) Tack för en fantastisk blogg!!
    Vänliga hälsningar

  5. my kids are 10 and 4 but i know exactly how it feels like, once i accompanied my husband on a business trip to switzerland with my 1,5 year old son and we had lunch with his business partners, luke (my son) had penne pomodoro and he loved to put his hands in his penne lol i kinda miss those times, he´s ten now you know ;)
    you look amazing as always, i´m more and more into those valentino studs, so elegant but cool! xx doro

  6. I am just so in love with this outfit! Perfection!