Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The determination of a life out of ordinary

I am convinced that luxury is part of what makes us human, 
it brings us pleasure and pride. 
Luxury isn't opulence and it isn't vulgarity. 
It is inspiration and aspiration, something taught, something learned, 
an evolving appreciation of good, better and best. 
Desire is the key to motivation, but it is the determination 
and commitment to an unrelenting pursuit
of our goal or dreams, a commitment to excellent, 
that will enable us to attain 
the success or the things in life that we seek.


  1. Well said! As always.

  2. Jag ser aldrig din bedårande söta hund i bloggen längre, bor han inte hos er idag?

  3. Couldn't disagree more. Interesting.

    "I am convinced that luxury is part of what makes us human,
    it brings us pleasure and pride." Does this mean, that you believe those who dont have luxury (or even food on their table/clothes on their body) is less human and shuld be less proud?

    I believe it's natrual human instinct to want to DO better, to improve constantly. In the light of that instinct (which we seem to agree on)I think we should stop ourselves (maybe even SETTLE at some point). Why? Cause there are others that better need our time and money.

    Maybe you should try supporting others less fortunate in their struggle for a decent life, it might fulfil you spiritually more thank you think. I'm not talking about charity - there are few things i despite as much as short term charity. I am talking about long term support needed to become independent.

    Giving someone indepence is the greatest gifts of all.

  4. Håller inte heller helt med. Och detta känns lite fel. De flesta som läser denna blogg (antar jag) kan bara drömma om den livsstil som Stina har. Det är underbart att drömma sig bort i de vackra bilderna. Men känns som detta inlägg saknar ödmjukhet och insikt i den extremt priviligerade (ekonomiska) situation som du Stina lever i. Och pengar är väl inte riktigt något som du affirmerat in i ditt liv, de har väl funnits där hela tiden känns det som...