Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Best little company

Who cares about what I'm wearing, when I have the cutest little cuddly body over my hip stealing all the attention in his adorable pyjamas? With absolutely no intention to fall asleep before mum's dinner escapades as planned. But he served as the cutest of companies at the restaurants dinner tables. Super energetic, hyper active yes, bubbly and as curious as an eagle, but it's a son that we have and I wasn't the calmest baby (young girl) either according to my mother and my man is still on the hyperactive side of life, so who can blame him?

(knitted top and knitted skirt: both Prada, heels: Fendi)


  1. Cute for you, horrible for others persons dining in a restaurant !!!! Nowadays the habit to take babies at table who shut, run everywhere is ansolutely awful. Sorry, you look a splendid mum.

    1. Yes, in general I totally agree. But when you're abroad, sometimes you not much of a choice. Normally we put him to bed in the pram and he sleept nicly next to us, but this time he didn't. But we didn't go to a fancy, fancy restaurang with him at that state. This was a nice, family friendly restaurant close to the beach where Alexis was one of like ten kids up until midnight. A guess it's the continental style ...

      Thank you for the compliment.

  2. Yes of course Alexis is really cute but we cannot avoiding to look at this nice orange skirt with the beautiful woman inside ! XXX