Sunday, September 2, 2012


I loved this combinatio that I wore yesterday. So easy going but with the perfect small details that make all the difference. My dear followers on Instagram (stina_auer) have already seen it, but now it's your turn. The bracelet has small sapphires as eyes and the ring has black diamonds. Very, very pretty and works perfectly both for an everyday lifestyle and for more updressed occasions. My favorites by far at the moment. I matched them with my old turtle neck sweater in black from Chanel and my lovely cape in cashmere/wool from Marni. The clutch is from Max Mara.

You can find my jewlery here and don't forget to look around through all the stunning pieces from this marvelous designer.


  1. Underbart! Du passar så bra i smycken. Ser inte det så ofta på dig men när du bär det ser det så vackert ut.

  2. It looks like Llalaouinis, former Greek jeweller who was very fashionable few years ago. All with a lot of head of animals. Nice.

    1. I googled it Uta and yes, it has something similar! I love these cats!