Thursday, September 27, 2012

Making list and planning

Good Morning! 
At the moment, I'm spending my time with the massive packing of parts of our home and trying to see as many of my closest friends as possible before we leave. I also work with some photography shooting and at the same time plan to start up a company of my own so that I can treat my patients that email me every week with questions about when I'm coming back to work. I will eventually, not as usual, but I will take care of as many as I can regulary. Stay tuned for updates on that subject!
Quite a hectic period in other words, but in the same way, very usual for my life. A lot of it is actually dependant on excellent planning already in the morning of each and every day and at the beginning of each week. I write to-do-lists every Monday that I slowly but surely cross out when the items are done. In that way I can be very present in little Alexis' life when he's awake and as soon as I realise that I've forgotten something, I just put it on my list so as not to forget it and get back to our little cosy moment in a second. As soon as he takes his nap or is put to bed, my work begins. In a way it's a very structured life, but I do need it to be relaxed, as contradictory as it may seem from outside.

(skirt: Balenciaga, cashmere top: Joseph, clutch: Max Mara & heels: Louboutin)


  1. Busy in a very good way, I would say!
    I write a lot of lists these days too. Will start to work fulltime on monday...after parental break.
    All the best.

  2. Det känns lite trist på sätt och vis att ni ska flytta... Men ni har kvar lägenheten i Stockholm väl?
    Jag undrar hur du hinner med allt spännande som du gör, har ni nanny som avlastar lite? Jag förstår inte hur du orkar, när jag var mammaledig (och fortfarnde) är jag bara trött, trött, trött...
    Listor är sättet att överleva!

    1. We have a nanny here very very little due to the fact that she started study this autumn. So 6h/week mostly. But I'm taking morning walks with Alexis and he gets to follow me on most things. But i'm tired also, but good food, sleep and exercise is very important!

  3. You are a super mom! :) I agree, proper food, sleep and exercise are important. However, that takes self dicipline as it is always easy to go to the sofa instead of the morning walk, eat chocolate instead of cooking something and stay up watching TV instead of going to bed...

    1. Totally agree, and sometimes I do that too! Every late evening (after 2-3 hours of work infront the computer and cooking) I lay like a wale in the sofa reading Vogue or watching tv. And sometimes when alexis have had a harder night and my eyes feel so tired, I skip the morning walk of course and just lay in bed with him mostly all day snuggling.

  4. Det är grått utanför mina fönster, regnet hänger i luften, i mitt sinne. Vet att jag min dotters första halvår var deprimerad, hade tappat fokus och fotfäste. För lite sömn, för många promenader, för lite näring bidrog med sitt. Nu sover en ettårig litenflicka brevid mig och jag kommer på mig själv att ha tid över, jag klickar in på din blogg och fortsätter bakåt. Jag vet att det är en speciellt utvald delikatessartad munsbit du serverar, men den fyller sitt syfte.
    Du får mig att orka. Nu jävlar kommer det bli bra!

  5. Jag har verkligen en Stina-period just nu! Knarkar lite blogg varje dag och varierar med God wears lipstick. Bra beskrivet med "delikatessartad munsbit".

    Små sötnosar kan vara jobbiga ibland och jag har ingen nanny eller mormor/farmor som kan hjälpa till. Men jag har å andra sidan lillens pappa hemma. Det skumma är ju att Stina varit så fantastisk ända från i stort sett födseln.

    Mest är man ju tacksam för man har en gosegris hemma. Underbara gåva att få var mor!

  6. @Helena: Jag tror på dig! Det kommer bli superbra! Kram

  7. Dear Stina,
    I have been fascinated by you for a while and I think you are an interesting person. Following you on this blog for a while I have started to wonder why you need to buy so many clothes. Looking at your online store, there are products you have only used once or twice and several that you have in different colors and cuts.

    Is your interest in the beauty of the clothes or actually buying them? Considering that you have a timeless style I would assume you to shop less. Given that we are living in resource-constrained world, I also think it is our obligation to contribute to a more sustainable future.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I look forward to your comment on my questions.

    1. Hi,

      Well, this is a interesting question that I've asked myself many times. And I think it's more complexed than with the solution of one single answer.
      1. I have been a collector of nice thing since I can remember. That sort of sums up during the years. When I was married before I had a quite large walk in closet, filled from floor to roof with shoes and different clothings and bags. Now I just womit when I think of it. Absolutely too much!
      2. But that was what I needed to have when I was a couple of years younger. To have a lot of everything. But even today I tend to buy more than one of the same top if I like them for the fact and the reason that I can wear one for everyday, and still always have one new for nicer occactions. Same with models of dresses, shoes etc. If I like someting, it fits me well, I tend to buy it in several colors.
      3. But the older I get, the more I realise that even though I have a enormous collection of everything, I tend to wear my favorites the most and also, the older I get, the more easy going I am with fashion. I like the more classic things, but in a sophisticated, sensual way. That feels more like me nowadays than to dress up like a Christmas tree.

      Today I would probably say I still shop, but more seldom, more expensive and more things that I really love for their timless feeling. Trends is not that interesting and dressing like everyone else, not so much. And still I have a need to blend in much more then when I was younger and wanted people to notice me, which often is the case in the tweenties. Now I reather wear black when I go out and hope I can be anonymous. But I'm sure that's age, maturity, calmness in who I am. I don't need to pretend, it's ok to just be.

      When I see something beautiful, especially when it comes to things which style includes, I have a hard time letting it go and not buy it. Perhaps it's sort of an addiction. I'm the first one to admit it. I wish I could stop at one point but then there is so many wonderful fabrics, styles, things to collect and it's a true pleasure for me to own so many wonderful and rare things. I would actually call it a life long hobby that luckily have slown down the laste five years.

      But I think you are right and for myself, I'll try to do better!

  8. Du är fantastisk på att leverera värdefulla inlägg. Jag läser din blogg varje dag, utan den klarar jag mig inte;) Tankeställare varje gång. Tacksam för det liv jag har, det har utvecklats oerhört sedan jag hittade din blogg. Varmaste tack! Du gör det sååå bra som strukturerar och fixar allt det du gör. Kram, Åsa. /Älskar den fina blazer jag köpte av dig

  9. Hej Stina, så glad jag blir när jag läser att du kommer att ta hand om dina patienter igen och jag hoppas verkligen att du tar dig an även några nya tex. mig :). Ser fram emot mer info om detta framöver.
    Må gott!

  10. Kan vi inte få ett mysigt mamma/Alexis/kärleken övervinner-allt/plötsligt så händer det, keep beliving-inlägg denna regniga fredag. Lycka till med packning!

  11. Lists are great, I love them too! And I think you are busy in a good way, not busy like "oh my good I hate all these stressful things" but more like "hey, I love all the things I do" and when you love somethings it's easier to get all the things done and smile happily at the end of the day.
    And besides that, you look great in this business outfit!

    xxx Anita