Saturday, September 1, 2012

The law of attraction and adventures

And so we celebrated the wonderful and exciting news yesterday that we finally found a bigger home for our life in Zürich after so much searching and frustration. A large, 4.5 room flat, top floor with nice details on doors... etc and all practicalities needed for a family like ours. So I guess I'm going to split my life even more now between Sweden and Switzerland. Adventures never stop coming into my life. It's both scary and lovely at the same time. I guess when you crave for a life out of the ordinary, you get exactly that. Thank you universe for giving me challenges time and again and for never ever letting me settle for less than all the emprises I never thought I wanted but realised I needed for my airy soul and sign. You only grow as a human when you do things you never thought were possible from the beginning and learn about yourself, about others, about life and it's mysteries, about the power of thankfulness and humbleness along the way.


  1. Jag såg dig på första sidan på DN på Stan idag från modeveckan. Cooolt!!!

  2. Gratulerar! Kommer ni att ha kvar lägenheten i Stockholm?
    Lycka till med allt!
    Med vänlig hälsning,

  3. GRATULERAR!! blir så glad för din skull:):) du är en sådan otrolig inspiration för mig! Kram

  4. Tack igen Stina för dina kloka ord och livserfarenhet som inspirerar och hjälper! Du har verkligen en gåva! Önskar dig och din familj lycka till! :)

    / Anne

  5. Congratulations to the three of you!

  6. Grattis! Vill också säga att jag beundrar din inställning till livet och din förmåga att sätta ord på den.

  7. Uuuunderbart! Stort grattis, hoppas kunna se bilder på/från ditt nya boende, inspiration i överflöd!!!!

  8. Grattis och kul med bilden på DN Sthlm :-) den kappan är fantastisk!!

  9. congrats =)
    wish you a wonderful time in your new home :)

  10. Congratulations, I hope you will be happy there! :D

  11. Grattis fina du till lgh! Jag blir verkligen glad för er skull! vilken text ovan, din inställning till livet är helt fantastisk. Än en gång ger du oss en inspiration och eftertanke. Tusen tusen tack..

  12. Bravo to your man (I suppose that, as he is in Switzerland, it's him who serched the most!) to have found something, it's very difficult nowadays! Hope the rental is not too high! Anyway, yes the life is full of surprises and all I want for you dear Stina, is that you will be very very happy between your two homes. May be difficult at the beginning, but you are so open that new friends are already there, and you will adapt very quick, curious and intelligent as you are. And the main thing is to be with your love and Alexis at the end. XXX

  13. So happy for you, dearest Stina!!!

  14. You are a gorgeous woman and deserve everything you have as much as anyone. But do not neglect luck or misfortune as a huge part of all of our destinies: there are things we cannot control. You were born into a loving wealthy family, you yourself were born beautiful and smart and you were lucky enough to find a man that matches you in those aspects. You even have a gorgeous healthy baby boy! So many will never have any of these things no matter how hard they wish, try, aspire and will to happen. So embrace Lady Luck because she surely has been on your side.

    1. Thank you for this comment but I do have to correct you on several things.

      1. I was not born into a wealthy family. In fact when I grew up my parents didn't have much, but during my upbringing they got a nicer financial status because of companys etc, etc. I grew up in a middle class family, where of coruse I was very lucky being able to eat nice, travel a lot becasue of my father etc, etc.

      2. Yes, we're a very, very loving family. But. The love from my family is something we all fought for very much. Beleive me, we have had up's and down's like all normal familys - but our motto is that through communication, respect and the beliefs of family bond, you can get through most things. The wonderful family relations we have now, is becasue we all focused on it. It didn't come for free, just like no relationships comes fro free. They all need work and effort.

      3. You say I was born beautiful. Well if you ask my parents, yes. But honestly I was not very pretty growing up, and I'm objective saying that. My mum was model stunning and everyone told me It was a pity I didn't have much more beauty from her. I know I'm not ugly now, but I was a late bloomer, which has giving me the humbleness towards beauty and I also know how it feels to really feel ugly. The good thing is that that forced me to work on my personality and intelligence. I think that If I would have been super pretty from a young age, I would have taken a lot more things in life for granted. Which I don't. And I know that I am so much more than a pretty face. I respect my mind and brain so much.

      4. Smartness. I always had to read a lot to get good grades in school. But that also taught me to work hard to get what I want out of life. Now it's easier but I do know that the brain is like a muscle, the more you practice, the easier it gets and the bigger and more adapting your capacity are.

      5. I was divorced at 30 years old with the message that I couln't get children. So I'm not sure I had all of that luck you're referring to. But I dared to find a man in another country yes, and fortunatly, he pushed us to where we are today and he made me beleive in us.

      So I'm not such a big fan of luck when It comes to my specific life. Because a lot of it came because of I was goal oriented, focused, dared, studied and never took anything for granted. My spiritual journey through all of this is the amazing part and yes, for me to be able to use it the way I do, that might be luck becasue I found out how to get more control of my life than maybe a general person.

      I hope you get me and my life more now.
      Warm regards,

  15. Everyone: Thank you! Thank you, Thank you!