Wednesday, September 19, 2012

With him

With this photography I shot in Algarve, I can't stop my mind's never ending question: Where does the sky start and ocean end?
And this song, I've played it for you before, but now when I haven't seen my man in three weeks - the sensual rhythm takes me back to Hotel Costes in Paris some years back and to all the passion of that night ... Beautiful and tempting memories. Listen, enjoy and feel it ...


  1. Music is like a perfumr so strong when relative to a love story and it stays for years and years. I remember that you shoulb may be go to NY in Septembet and it seems that M could not. Algarve with your family was a good compromission for you. And do not forget my dear Stina when leaving EACH day with our man sometimes it's not so easy....... I m talking by experience even I have a marvelous husband! And since a long time already. All my best my dear Stina. XXX

  2. I heard the song - and now I can´t get it out of my head ;-) Love it!

  3. Beatrice, you can buy all the tapes from the musique of the Hotel Costes.
    Sorry Stina for the small interference !!!!!!