Sunday, October 14, 2012

Baby cashmere among other things

When it comes to baby clothes, I'm one of those who choose quality before quantity. I've always thought like that which means that Alexis has less clothes than I would say a normal little kid in his age, but from good brands with thought through materials that serve their purpose. As you might have noticed by now, I love cashmere and make sure the whole family is dressed in that joyful and warm material as much as possible.
Here in Switzerland, I find that the prices are outrageous and I would never pay 250 euros for a sweater for a toddler, but I can pay 60-80 euros if it's something really worth it, that will last forever with the right care. So when I discovered SOFT GOAT almost a year ago for myself and M selling marvelous cashmere things, cable knitted sweaters for M and cosy and chic jumpers for me, but also found out that they carried baby things ... I was as hooked as can be. You can see the whole family dressed in their cashmere HERE.
I just found out that the baby clothing is going to disappear slowly but surely and I find that it's such a pity when we finally found a brand with excellent quality and good prices. I bought some the other day which you might have seen on my Instagram (stina_auer) just to get them before they stop producing.

The good thing is that if you use the code Stina when paying, you get 10 percent off your whole order. Very, very nice. Use it and abuse it.

Have a lovely Sunday!


  1. Thank you so much for the great wardrobe inspiration! Will use this as an example when investing in my wardrobe. Like someone said, u always look chic and that is what I am aiming for to.

    I also liked to say that you look stunning in your coat!!!! Lovely!

    Now I am actually going to bake your Gryningsbröd. Hade a lovely sunday!

  2. Akkurat sjekket ut den fine nettsiden til Soft Goat - fant meg en så fin blå enkel genser, la inn din kode, fikk rabatt - men da jeg skulle betale, ville det ikke fungera...hverken med Visa eller Amex...så det var synd :(

    Skal forsøke til uken, da er jeg tilbake i Norge, kan ha noe med at jeg sitte rforan PC min i Italia?


    1. Helen, det ska vara fixat nu! testa igen!

  3. Hi Stina, Thanks for the coupon and for being such an inspiration! I was just wondering what size to order for my son. What sixe is Alexis wearing in the newest Instagram photos? He is such a cutie <3

    1. He wears size 24month, it's a little bit big but I prefer that and folding up the sleves so he can wear them for a long time.

      Happy shopping!

  4. Love it! This makes me exited for whenever the time is right for me to have a baby <3 For now I can look at Soft goat for my self, love cashmere :) Your blog is such an inspiration!

  5. Lovely! Unfortunately, the available sizes are too small for my little one (not so little any more apparently).


  6. Dear Stina,
    I very much appreciate your blog and the inspiration it gives me in my everyday life.
    What size do you order for yourself when buying things from the soft goat link?
    take care