Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mini chic wardrobe à la Stina

Good morning in the rain.

My beloved Mac died yesterday after posting about autumn (will take her to the Mac-hospital today, I'm very worried about her, she won't start at all), therefore this post was delayed. But let's stay today's subject. My promise to you.

So when creating a wardrobe or a setup with clothes for a small trip, a weekend getaway or if you just want to live minimalistically when it comes to clothing - this is what I found out seems to be perfect for most activities. And with activities I mean: being mother to a small child, having a need nevertheless to look nice and welldressed. I knew I was going out for dinner once or twice and therefore needed both perfect everyday wear, also suitable for packing a home and nicer outfits without being too updressed.
First, some t-shirts and tops. I added a cotton dark grey t-shirt from Top Shop, a black t-shirt (which is perfect when you have a child) from COS and a light cashmere top in beige for nicer dressing from Joseph.
When packing light, your accessories also need to be carefully thought through and black is just perfect. Then you need to decide one sort of metal and I choose gold and therefore only took jewelery and details in black and gold for an easy match. The art deco necklace is my favorite from HERE and so is the cross bracelet, both in plexiglas. The stunning cat bracelet is in gold with small sapphire eyes and comes from HERE. The watch is Cartier and fits perfectly with its black crocodile leather and simple look. A pair of black sunglasses, these ones from Ray Ban are a must, because the sun is always behind a cloud, right!
I saved a fur vest in a beautiful red/brown/white shade that is wearable to most outfits. I wore it on my morning walks when the temperature was still a bit chilly, but mostly I wore it over a cashmere sweater instead of a jacket. The mohair blazer is the crush of my life when it comes to blazers. It's from Lanvin and I've had it for quite some time now but seriously, it goes with everything and always supports me with a chic" feeling of being well dressed both over an evening dress or just jeans with a t-shirt together with a cool necklace like the one above.
Another "can't live without" thing is simple but elegant and useful shirts in a nice material like silk. The grey and the apricot are from Equipment which is just the best of the best when it comes to the perfect cut for a feminine shirt, the white from H&M and the white long sleeved top from Balenciaga. I use these shirts inside a black skirt or just loose above some nice slim pants with heels or ballerinas. Easy going, sophisticated and sensual.
We all need a nice weekend bag for lighter trips and a pair of black ballets and black boots are absolute necessary. These ones are from Chanel and Christian Louboutin.
A nice black skirt that fits both to the t-shirts for a more casual look or more dressed up with a sleeveless white silk top. This skirt is in wool which is suiteable for autumn/winter and from Philip Lim. Wool pants with "cigar cut", meaning they are slimmer at the botton and a little shorter leg in length than usual, fits both to the boots and to the ballerinas. A pair of blue jeans is a must and can be combined to everything shown.
A slim cashmere sweater from TSE, a cotton black sweater from Malene Birger and a light grey wool sweater from Philip Lim. They can all be more casual, but also elegant and chic combined correctly with some nice jewelery and a luxury handbag and shoes.
So, that's it. Actually, I also had a pair of black cotton tights which is a mother's best friend when just playing at home and takes no space at all. If you have the legs for it, they can also be used for traveling with a little one with a longer cardigan or something on top. Else, this was more or less what I lived in during two weeks and it was both stylish, practical and I had everything I needed. I wore my black/gold Birkin for everyday and my black/gold Kelly when going out for dinner (which only happened twice and I would change the Kelly to my Max Mara, black clutch next time because of the simple fact that it fits even better and takes less space when packing).

Hope you enjoyed this little "perfect wardrobe" suggestion!


  1. Visst kan mer vara mindre?! Bra och inspirerande inlägg. Tänkte påminna dig om det där hälso/ skönhets inlägget du skrev som jag inte hittar. Skulle vara så glad om jag fick läsa det igen!

  2. Hej Stina, vart kommer denna ursnygga pälsväst ifrån du har på bilden här ovanför?? Så snyggt!! Kommer inte du att jobba på Elipsekliniken mer? Har du flyttat föralltid? Vad skall du jobba med där? Skulle vara så trevligt om man fick svar ifrån dig :-)

    Önskar dig en super trevlig dag! /Ivana

  3. I really enjoyed to read this post, very interesting! I'm normally not a person for black and white outfits (with some little colors like the apricot silk blouse), but I'd choose quite identical items as you did, only other shoes: black budapester shoes for the day, and pumps for going out/dinner, and I'd add a black cashmere scarf.
    What have you missed most of your other clothes?

    xxx Anita

  4. Tack Stina för ännu ett inspirerande inlägg! Nu vet jag vad jag skulle kunna ha i min garderob ett tag framöver. Har inte ännu fått tillbaka min egen kropp efter graviditeten(hopp finns dock!) och vill inte köpa allt nytt i storlek större. Om någon kan detta med att vara praktiskt klädd utan att tappa stilen, så är det du.

  5. Very inspiring! In a very stressful world - job, work related traveling, etc. - your blog has become my daily source of energy and inspiration. Thanks a lot for this!

  6. Wow! Bra inlägg... jag sparar och har kvar det i minnesmappen över värdefull och användbar info! Perfekta tips om vad som behövs i basgarderoben och hur jag ska tänka när jag står och sliter i håret vid weekendbagen. Tack Stina!!! /Jenny

  7. Of course, this is completely what I do like to wear and particularly when I travel. Almost always black and white with touch of light colours like your abricot shirt. I love the leggings which suit me well with a long cashmere pullover and a "chic" vest to cut the style of the legging.
    Very nice pictures we can really realize your style at the time.

  8. I love your blog! It's not like all the other, which are posting only clothes and where you can buy it. I love your style and your style you're writing! Very inspiring!
    I enyoed this post much!
    Thanks Stina!

  9. Åh vad shoppingsugen jag blev nu, haha ;)

  10. Tack, vad trevlig inlägg! Förstår att du kan få ut många kombinationer av plaggen och ändå få till det där lilla extra med detaljer, snygga skor och underbar pälsväst och mohairjacka. Verkligen snyggt! Undrar också som en annan ovan - har du saknat något speciellt och i så fall vad? MVH Laila

  11. Tack för fantastiskt bra inspiration, du är verkligen en stilförebild.

  12. Great! I love this post! I will keep in mind when buying clothes!

  13. Mycket bra tips, tack för inspirationen! :)
    Håller med dig om fördelen med att välja en mindre väska också. :)

    Lite i dessa banor resonerar jag när jag ska packa för resor; att allt ska kunnas matchas så bra som möjligt och då hamnar jag på mycket svart/grått/vitt. Dock kan jag känna att det blir väl färglöst, när jag väl sen använder det. Känner inte att en färgsprakande accessoar alltid räcker heller, annars är de ju lätta att packa. Men man kan väl inte få allt utan att dra med sig hela garderoben! ;)


  14. Thank You Stina, great post, this I will have as a checklist when I travell! Take care of you and I hope you are settling in fine in your new city, Im sure You do. Kind regards Lina

  15. Superinspirerande inlägg! Vad har du för storlek på din keepall? Är du nöjd med den för weekendresor etc? :)

  16. Greetings from Russia! Like very much your style.

  17. The mohair blazer is the crush of my life when it comes to blazers. It's from Lanvin and I've had it for quite some time now but seriously, it goes with everything and always supports me with a chic" feeling of being well dressed both over an evening dress or just jeans with a t-shirt together with a cool necklace like the one above. Pre owned Louis Vuitton Handbags