Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stina's Vintage Store


Today and tomorrow, Stina's Vintage Store will be filled with some unique pieces and high end brands. 
As always, it's first come first served.

See you there - CLICK!


  1. Tusen tack för rabatt koden till Soft Goat...väntar på min beställning nu och antar att jag kommer att bli mer än nöjd med min tröja=) Kram

  2. and in Euro or SF,please :)

  3. I like very much your Miu-Miu bag I almost have the same (in light beige) I woul'dnt sell it but I can understand we need place place place........ Now it's time of puting winter and fur coats in closets and I already have hard complains from my husband because I go (perfidly) into his closets..... No problem with your big big closets made by M. XXX

    1. I know Uta, but I need to rinse from time to time. Have too much and M is going crazy because things wont fit. The Coffer bag is ammazinga dn there will be one lucky owner of it!

  4. Det pirrar alltid i magen när du lägger upp nya saker!
    Älskar ditt inlägg idag!