Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Congratulations from Mayla, Kotyr and Me!

Did you think we had forgotten about the outstanding competition from Mayla and Kotyr where one lucky woman can win a dress AND a skirt from the fabulous designer Mayla?
Well, no no ... it's just so hard to choose a winner, but finally Mayla and Kotyr have decided themselves for ... LINDA K!!!

Please email me at stina_auer@live.se to get further information.

We're so grateful for all of the participants and we'll be back with a new competition soon!

If you would like to buy them anyway, HERE is where you'll find them!

Thank you,
Mayla, Kotyr and Stina


  1. Congrats Linda! This does not really have anything to do with the competition.
    However, I'd like to say this as a feedback.

    What I really love in your blog, is that you never ever use any other pictures than your own (or in case you do, I've happily forgotten those..). The Internet is full of those blogs where every other picture's source is weheartit, (just) Internet, or something similar. I find such blogs so tiring.

    For me, the fascination of your blog lies in its overall beauty. It truly reflects the persona, I believe the blogger-Stina is. And what is the hardest part of having a successful blog, is having quality pictures in it. Everyone can write (although everyone doesn't choose her words as wisely as you Stina).

    Kind regards from Finland!